Sunday, November 26, 2006

of a birthday season, with parties

It's been some time since i updated here, partly because i was busy during the week. Man, birthdays, parties, get-together's and reuniouns. All in one. All in one week.

When i was engaged in a conversation with my old pals, my fren cracked this super-duper lame joke.

I tell you, it's VERY LAME.

Question: What do you call a fish which has no power?
Answer: Ikan-No-Power-Centre (Ikano Power Centre)

Okay, screw the lameness for just awhile, back to the topics which i wanted to write about.

I have helluva events to post, so be it one by one lah.

EVENT ONE: Birthday with Fab 6 @ Neway Karaoke, One Utama.

Thank you very much to Ken Hui, Wai Yee, Callie and Su Lynn for putting this event up, although you guys have college the next day. Thanks alot of the free entertainment, the present, food, enjoyment and ultimately the birthday cake.

And also, thanks because you guys knew karaoke was my thing, and all of you took time to arrange everything to my liking =)

Pictures as below.

The girls posing with their cocktails.
God knows who assigned the names to the cocktails, such as Love you Forever, Blowjob, and Sex on the beach. So here, who wants a Blowjob?!

Ken Hui and Su Lynn. Man, i haven seen these 2 buggers in ages already.

Wai Yee and Callie. Behond, Callie's new permed hair. Wai Yee changed her glasses too.

Wai Che selecting a song on the Karaoke system.

While were were browsing through the songs, we came across some weird and funky songs. Such as....

Look at the song's title. One, two fuk you. Wat the heck song is that man??!!!

The set that came with our package. Food was quite alright, considering it was a karaoke.

Doing what girls do best. Gossiping like there's no tomorrow. Hahahah

Anyway, the karaoke services was great !! Friendly staff, spacious rooms, cooling air conditioning, and best of all, we had our own personal toilet.

After singing non stop and having fun, they brought in the cake.

But before that,

The bluff master. Ken Hui. Playing cards in the room.

What they got for me. Absolutely lovely. Banana chocolate cake. Freaking Yummy.

With the cake.

Finally, all of us. Looking great, like never before. It's amazing how one year has passed, but still, our characters are still something we hold on to.

Event Two: Dinner and Celebration with my Family and Relatives.

Later that night, after the karaoke session, and after watching casino royale, it was time to bring it abck with my relatives and family. First of all, let me introduce, my sexy-wannabe baby cousin sister.

Lalala....Looking good, like a mermaid in a towel. Hahah

Baby cousin brother. Looking cute as hell.

My orange birthday cake, my parents got for me.

All my cousins, baby cousins and parents.

All of us. My family+ extended family.

It was a great night. A really good one. Hehe...and of course...

The angpows. Thanks alot !!

Will stop here for the time being. I have alot more to write on the other celebrations. I have the pictures, but no time to write about it only.

So, keep in touch, see you guys next time, with even more pictures on other events.

Take care.


Anonymous charz said...

omggg . ur cousins ! look so cuteeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006 6:04:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

dam cute

Monday, November 27, 2006 11:05:00 AM  

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