Friday, May 13, 2005

suprise birthday.... here it was...a suprise birthday for sue-mae. the planning was a little hard..dunnoe whether to haft it in a hotel, house or restaurant. finally..after much choices...we decided to go to marche's. 1st step to make sure it gets right...discussions were held very secretive. once sue-mae comes....we would like..whoosh..wat ah..act like nothing happened....after weeks of planning it was decided.
next step, making it to marche's. on dat particular day...i was like..hoping it will turn out well. i went to rachel's kill of some time b4 going to marche's...also becuz i had to leave early.den guess wat..yi chian sed she was driving to pick us up....oh joy...she jus got her license a few days we went into her car..erm..ok lah..her driving...but still, me and rach were so still n quiet..duwan distract her...there was a and rach were at the back talking bout something..den suddenly..she turn her whole body back and sed wat wat???...she was driving at da same time u scary..den we were like..oiiii..u driving le...dun care bout us..hahaha
finally at marche'....we went to secret recipe to a choose a cake...we took oreo cheese...yeah..nice..but u get jelak dam we went into marche's...waiting for sue-mae...den suddenly her mum signalled that they were near liao..imeediately..all prepared for a big suprise...the moment we saw her..den we shouted SUE-MAE!! first..she tot we had gathering without her...owh left her out..den she was feeling like dam shitty edi..den we told her it was a suprise b day party..den u noe la...she went OMG OMG..and all those stuff la...haha
food was great..i had rusti and pizza..but the price..aihz...kill ppl bill came out to bout 50 bugs plus..sad nya...but after was a day well spent.
b4 leaving for and mae went to rach's house at nite..midnight actually...did a little chatting there, played gb..and i finally went home at bout 12 sumthing...dats all for now..byez


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