Wednesday, June 29, 2005

durian farm visit

Haha, yeah..the title says it all. My mum's friend happened to own a big seremban.....and invited a bunchload of ppl to go see around their farm. The ride there took about 1 hour....after exiting from the highway, we had to turn in senawang..and the...u'll have to take da blardy retarded trunk road. The road up to the farm was usual...and we passed jungle like trees...and also a puny little bridges.
Suprisingly, the farm was way well better than i expected. Everything was present in the farm house...actually...more like a kampung house...lengkap with karaoke. There was also a man made swimming pool, for ppl to dip it was sweltering hot. There were about 5 big fishing ponds...erm..with red snappers and talipia fishes inside. Hehe...

Event choronology.

Woke ready everything...went to 7-11 to buy ice packets, loaded it into the chiller box, brought mahjong tables, drinks...oh yeah...and waited for my mum's friends to come over. They were planning to have a pot luck at the farmhouse...and family was in charge of the drinks. Haha..da easiest job..jus go buy sum soft drinks..and kau tim.

8.15 am

My mum's friends arrives. They came with puddings, jellys, etc etc....and oh we went...we started our journey...straight to the senawang exit. After exiting the highway, we waited at the toll for the rest of the group members. Haha...almost about 30 ppl went..all of us are friends and knew each other was fun.


All the 30 ppl arrived at the toll booth. We were brought into the farm..but b4 we could reach there...we had to pass through small berliku-liku UNtarred was hell bumpy. Finally..after much groaning and complaints....poof....we saw the farmhouse.


Every1 setteled down, brought out all their food, cards, mahjong....and started the karaoke sessions...I just watched ppl sing oni..haha...if i sing..they will die man.Right after that, i went fishing. It was sooo fun....especially when u get to catch a fish.


Mahjong session and chor tai ti session kicked off...the usual...finds peace and excitement in al these games....dun ask my why...and soo they went on playing...while i was busy fishing......we caught about 4 red snappers..and about 2 talipia' brought them back to the farmhouse.


Lunch!!!...hehe..the pics says it all...jus look at all the food available.....from mushroom sauce chicken to vege salads...there were loads to eat.


More and more fishing. This time..our luck ain't soo turned out that i was the only 1 whom managed to catch a fish....sad case...anyway...we brought all our catch the earlier batch....and washed the fished. Boom....fried themm..and they were ready for eating. Haha


Prepared to go home...and packed up al our stuffs......on the way back..we stopped in nilai at Loong Sing Restaurant. A "so called" famous restaurant...with many award winning dishes....haihz...all business tricks...but, the food was quite the restaurant..they had dunnoe wat u call it..super expensive set menus...costing about Rm 2k to 3k each...siowness..

I will let the pictures talk about the rest of my experience there. Happy browsing!


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