Saturday, June 18, 2005

exams results+softball action+first week of school= big headache

The minute the last day of holidays striked, mixed emotions have been going through me. To me..i was like wtf, so fast arh...but shit...cannot run away from school. To sum up my holidays, hell yeah..i think i enjoyed enough. But i want more.....i want more fun....haha. I am always like that, never contented with what i have been through.
My first week seemed better than the 2nd. Mayb it was because i knew i had one more week to go. yeah....i managed to hit the cinema 4 times, went karaoke 2 times, balik hometown (ipoh) once, balik hometown (raub) another time...and even had time to go for about 2-3 dota sessions. Thou i suck, always kena kill and kena hamering from my team..but the game's ok la. C'mon...who can blame me man...i'm still a dota virgin. I'm always knowned as a big they always target me first...cuz i'm to easy to be killed.
The first week of school kicked off with a gloomy day. Fiziks....oh shit.. it was jati's first period. Fuck....sure die wanz....Shaken by the fact that results were terrible..I receive my first paper, paper 3. Wah siow lan dow, first part ok. But my eksperimen..holy, the anticipation started to swell in..die loh..i must do well for the other papers..and it came..paper 2, it was okay..then finally paper 1 came 1 punched it the digits of my fiziks marks into the calculator, totaling it up, dividing it by 190 and finally multiplying it by 100....i prayed b4 i hit the = button. Then, as i looked on the calculator....yeah baby..i close to 50 oni...weak pass la..but hu cares.
Later that results. Ok, 1 I mean it was so crazy....i look at the paper..can die edi loh....but sum ppl to teman lynn, wai yee, callie=p but i was darn happi for kh as he got a mark from hamizan to get 40 and da fantastic sue-mae passed beautifully. Woot
Hehe, softball scoring is fun i tell u. First things first, u get to:
1) Miss lessons
2) Watch softball like nobody business, even when you are off duty
3) Fucking shout your lungs out for DJ
4) See and feel the softball passion
5) Get elauns and ko-ko marks. Haha
6) And finally...get a free baseball cap ( no use to i rarely wear those)
Congrats to the gurls, for winning it, and to the under-15 boys...for nailing the other teams flat. And wtf to the under 18 guys can u let subang win u all man...but oh well..u all tried ur least u all got 2nd....and the skool's proud of ur achievement! Congrats to all once again.
As the week was coming to an end....this well has been quite the homework has not started pouring it. And one thing, monica's plot to kill me failed....wahahaha...deducted marks from almost every1...and from me also. Wat..17 marks, i was flabbergasted when i heard that. But alas....i show her all my work on friday to shut her big mouth up...and there was nothing she could do except for not deducting any marks from me. Yeah.
Should i end my post with some pictures?..oh well..i am finding for it now...ending here...


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