Saturday, June 25, 2005

professional chemistry flunker

This week is school has been super busy. wtf, the school wants us to have a sudut bacaan in our class, where we put our books for reading and shit like dat. every1 had to bring at least 3 books, and i brought sum magazines. bloody hell, cecilia took it away..saying it was not right...wth man..haihz...aniways back to my main topic here.
You see, we had this so called interesting eksperiment today. Go burn da logams in oxygen. had to stuff in sum kalium manganat 7 into da tabung didih, and u must make sure da tabung didih ain't wet. Yeah, of cuz i din noe..i just dumped in da kalium manganat and of got wet...and smeared da whole tabung didh. I was like, fuck...dam..i have to do it again. So i filled da tabung didih wid water, and tried to dispose of da kalium manganat. Then, this is were it got terrible.
Da stupit manganat turned da water damn purple, and da purple was SUPER not diluted. Dam strong colour. It cloged up the sink like nobodi's business, and da bloody fuckin sink was purple. Ok, die loh...i was so freaking scared man. To make it worse, every 1 in class came over and sed...OMG is dat...staring at my table's sink. Then, my chem teacher, chuah, was coming towards my table. Aiyooo..sure kena hammering wanz...lucki, in time...we managed to block the she could't see anithing. If you think the problem is over, think again. I still had like 1 more tube full of da purple stuff. Now..where to dispose that shit.
Hahahaa..this is what i did.
Step 1: I knew about da chem's lab broken floodboards. especially in da back table,
where kee peng's gang sits.
Step 2: Open the mini door..dunnoe wats it called....u can see the exposed drain.
Step 3: Flush that shit straight into the drain. Hell yeah...the drain was gila purple, but
nobody can see it..HAHAHAHAHAHA
Step 4: Act cool and calm, walk back to my table.....and act like nothing hapenned.
This secret, nobodi knew, except me and wai yee...woohoo...
yeah..i got dat shit through...wat a bloddy challenge...nvr in my life, was i so scared..i mean...u can see my group's faces man. they were also scared shit..haha. i shall be stopping here, my cousins jus came over, i gotta be a good host. i will be posting a random pic later..


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