Friday, June 10, 2005

two bit hit....

oh..okay..this is my official 2nd's true...hmm....a picture can paint a thousand words right....all da pics below can describe wat we did la..simple?...anyways....jus to "huraikan" a liddle bit, erm...i as usual..woke up at 12.00...haha..den suddenly...teri was calling my hp..den she was..where are u ah..tysern? i sudah at kj lrt woh...den..oh shet..i'm still in pj' freshen up..did wat i had to do..den picked her up at bout was late..and..nvm... procedeed on the da curve.....skip skip..straight to redbox...'s a lesson...treasure ur library card..dun think it's piece of pink dumb plastic (it's dumb in school, but not outside) LOL! ok, here's wat u can do with it, i can get tgv tickets for rm3 cheaper, u can present it at practically any bowling counter..for student rates, u can use it at redbox, for super student rates. haha...misusing da power of a library card..wahahah, anyways..we got discount..cuz of our pink plastic..we needed to pay only like...rm7++ compared to da normal rate of rm22++. next, in da karaoke lounge..we were practically fighting for the mic and we jus wanted to shout out anithing. guess wat..i sang islands in da stream by dolly parton and i have nothing by whitney houston. i sang lots more la..but forgotten liao=p. i pitied those ppl in the room man..but who cares..we jus came to haft fun. i hitted those high notes by screaming it..when i did that..u could see raechen's eyes getting distorted ...and ppl were jus like eeeeeeeeee...u noe wat la...anyway..i noe i ain't a singer...jus having fun
we book the room for 3 hours..and then..the last half our was fun. guess wat..they haft william hung mtv's and we put on..SHE BANGS! wooh...halfway through the song we gave in and hit the stop button. phew! next...we also choose cheeky girls. i tell you, da video clip is jus so lame and we were all singing da blardy tune..ohh boys cheeky girls, ohh girls cheeky boys..bla blah...jack favourite song..LOL to 1u for bowling..yeah...wat i liked most..oh yeah..b4 dat..sandra took me to celebrity fitness...yeah..she's a geng man..there's this her personal trainer...and sandra went there and sed..ok...where mr.bla bla..den da recoptionist was like..okay..i will page him for you...den he came..was...da treatment was seriously celebrity fun..he took me around...and explained everything, btw da interior's jus so cool, dam nice...oh gosh..u noe wat i saw inside....chicks with aerobic's so cool...if u sign up..u have like a personal trainer to guide you...inside was awesome...there was an aerobics class going looked for awhile...haihz..if i becum a member...mebbe it's jus for..ahem ahem...
aih..den bowling....average score was bout 125-133..ok ok la..but i slacked in it n played...later..dropped sandra off..and back to house...
that's all for a day...shall end here


Anonymous mae said...


celebrity fitness sounds cool! and ooohhh so sexy to have a personal trainer. i want a personal stylist!!!

sounds like u had fun!!!! one day all of us goo kaaay! ajak really sporting ppl!

Saturday, June 11, 2005 12:24:00 AM  
Blogger tysern said...

yeah man....ahha..sure sure..will sure go..wooh

Saturday, June 11, 2005 12:25:00 AM  

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