Friday, August 26, 2005


ok fine, i am such a NUT. yeah u heard it..a nut.a blardy lazi nut...gosh told myself..tuition at 11.00am..tuition at 11.00....then when i went there...whoops...class started like 1/2 hour ago..oh well..who cares...fine fine..back to my's perfect..seriously...minus the fact that we got trials lah. i have been pushing myself to study very hard..and JOY..u heard it..i covered 4 pages of sejarah. YES that's it..4 pages...i plan to do more later..haha
to make matters worse, we have been given SHIT add m3...i do until wanna cry ade la..ahh..fuck it...i will jus copi from other school's, my planning is up the wall.....u wanna heard my schedule for tomorrow..well here it goes....

10.00-11.30 am : tuition
11.30- 2.30pm : group study at fren's place
2.30-6.00pm : at fren's house to rap up SHIT project
6.30pm - party ends : fren's b day party

this is just sooo shitty la...dam it...i got no time even to go home. gotta pack my clothes and stuff into my bag...bathe outside...omg...ishh..teruknya.....


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