Wednesday, September 07, 2005

examination review

ok, here it goes.....we are halfway through. yes, i know it's a tough battle...we are all trying to nail our papers well....haha..did this out of boredom..but oh are the reviews for the papers. so here goes....

Bahasa Malaysia 2.
- well, it wasn't too bad as i expected it. big thanks to ken hui, for the tips, and
because of that, the prosa and da cerpen was ok. but fuck the derita pertama ,
so blardy hard...anyway,jus 1 section only. the tatabahasa was DO-able..i think u know wat i mean...novel, the perbandingan question...aih...another headahce....rumusan was all right..hmm and dats about it.
overall comments - not too bad, it was jus ok only. not very easy.
difficulty rating - 6.5/10

- fuck this paper man. screw it big time. sucks to you, lim mui lee. this paper was built for the kill man. sturcture questions came as big headache to me. shit. it was like doing those shitty IQ questions on the newspaper. bloody hell...ask us to draw the cleaning mechanism of a dialisis machine. go die la. seriously la, i dun think a doctor can draw that for you aso. the teachers will pay for attemting to push us to suicide.
overall comments - wayyyy to difficult. if it comes out for spm, students will be taking their lives the next day
difficulty rating-11/10

Add m3.
- ok, cheng did really show her true colours. well lets go to p1 first. p1 was alright, some questions were complicated, but still do-able....nothing much to complain for p1 actually BUT p2 sucks. to hell with it. fucking hard, the teachers were all the way out to fail us. although it was bad...i din care la. i used all my determination to ram through all my workings. it's actually the will to pass that kept me going. if not, i would have squashed the paper. i told myself, keep on working...don give up cuz once you are gonna stop forever. so, who wins? cheng or me? lets see the results.
overall comments- p1 was alright. fuck was like digesting fat rubber pieces without chewing them. hard shit.
difficulty rating - p1- 7/10
-p2- 9/10

English 2.
- one comment. christena does NOT KNOW how to choose topics. or rather, she gave us ISI-LESS tajuks. she can kiss my ass and go to hell. ok.....but wateva it is..i used all my imagination to crap out sum isi-s....and eloborate like shit on one topic. at times...i just felt directed writing had more strong points compared to the general essay
overall comments - topics should have been easier with more points
difficulty rating - 7.5/10

- ok la. i have seriosly nothing to complain. me as a critic ass, when i have nothing to say about it, i think it's all right. all that i knew is i fucked up some of da polimers, and shit...the m c tita part. put in wrong nilai. wtv la...won die wan la...little bit wrong. overall i was relieved that this wasn't a bullet to the brain.
overall comments- for a paper set by yap, we were lucky to get away with it. woohoo
difficulty rating - 7.9/10

- wooh..Examinations on Sexual Topics (EST)...haha..i wished...anyway this paper has been super crappy since its presence in our spm. one and answer..dats carefully and answer. because the answers might be fuckingly misleading. this term the paper was ok for me
overall comments- i still find this paper full of crap
difficulty rating - 6.1/10

more to come when the exams finish. haha


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