Friday, September 09, 2005

exams review part 2

another week is history and so are our grades. i'll just take off from where i last stopped..haha....

whoa...okay okay...this is the so- oh my god paper. i have been worried sick for this paper...since the last term paper was HELL. was...anyway..i found paper 1 more harder than paper 2. haih..dat stupit hamsap phang again. set p1 so hard for wat..wanna see us die meh? anyway, paper 2 was interesting tho.not too hard..but yet not too easy.'s always like dat. managed some structure mayb 4-5/8 question..blasted my way through the essay....overall i wished paper 1 was easier. yet , i still will continue to hate you, saik bu even if i get an a1 for fiziks.'s impossible le.
overall comments- paper 1, phang shld go and die la. he's such an exam spoiler
- paper 2,'s was alright for me. not the best paper
that i have done..but wtv la...still bearable
difficulty rating - p1 8.9/10
- p2 7.9/10

Mod Maths of my the most kick ass subjects in SPM. it is usually not a problem to get an a, but i experienced terrible record b4. i think it was during the f4 mid term, i took this shitty paper for granted. nvr listen to lim kg and nvr study at all. result= 41%. fuck man.such a disgrace..but's paper was alright for me. actually..i am quite happy with my working..but only..i fucked up the last pelan drawing....oh well, there goes 5 marks..but still...overall, it's allright.
overall comments - actually..i have nothing to complain =p
difficulty rating p1- 6.3/10
p2- 6.4/10

here goes, i hope hamizan gives us an easy bio paper. for me, now...that is the last boat to the pass island. i have missed the first 2 boats already...and shit..i am stuck in the middle of the ocean. if i miss this boat, then say BYE BYE.
as for chem and fiziks, paper 3 is usually not dat hard. but i duwan to fuck up my experiment again wat i did last's well...i hope for the best. more reviews to come when trials end.


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