Friday, September 23, 2005

listen up, baby!

Results are back. My life decisions are here. Man, it wasn't that bad, but i knew i could perform better. Good news? 5 A1's. high credits for fiziks and chem. survived hell (add m3). Bad news, bio. if i am gonna pass it...i am only gonna get like 40-42. why? simple la. cuz's it's hard la. like duh. fine let's move on to more funky stuff of the week.

Oh yeah, it's was ckent's b day. ha ha. that straight fella. anyway, he was a good friend. we celebrated in class with a cake. after that, kee peng banyak mulut lah. tak malu wan. haha, asked him whether got dinner anot. anyway, he was actually kidding. but that ckent took it seriously and asked his parents whether his frens cuz join them for dinner that night. guess and kee peng ended up eating with his family and brothers. goodness, i have not done this kinda shit b4. man, at first, malu-malu la. we arrived at the restaurant first and got seats. ckent's family was late...and i was dam scared , in case we got the wrong restaurant. that will be the most HELL paling malu thing in my life. imagine telling the captain that sudah masuk wrong restarant, and wanna chow. anyway, thank god lah. his family came and ordered food. quite good, the food. we ended up eating about 6 dishes. there was butter sauce crab, ginger fish, ku low yok, tau foo, vege and sumthing else that i cannot remember. dam friendly lah, his dad. can joke and all kinds of shit. thankfully, we did not come empty at least..not so malu la. bought him some VCD's to watch. haha.anime

Wooo...funky event number2. Kerjaya had it's own eat out session. Where? in italiannis. u heard it, italiannis. food was great. i only decided to go during schooltime, so, i secretly phoned my mum using kelv's hp, and followed sue-mae home. after that, she decided to drive to 1 utama. but it was early. so wat to do, she fetched me back to my house, so that i can change my clothes and take my hp, since it was so early. but on the way back to my house, it started raining heavily...and yeah..i was abit worried la..cannot see the road.hehe...oh dam cute la. while sue-mae was trying her best to get as close to the ticket booth, where u press the button to get da blardy tix, she went too close. and the car's wheel's got stuck in between the curb. she pressed on the accelerator..vroom vroom..aiyah...but kereta tak jalan. waa....die la. haha..*lucky got me at that time =p* matter la..she just hit reverse and it was fine. all fine. the lunch wan, pasta's pizza's and salad's just the bomb. the bill came to about RM650...but it was expected la. how can u eat at italiannis without burnin a hole in ur pocket. after the meal, followed leng, leon and edmund shopping. i wanted to window shop but i ended up spending money, again. got some books and my face cleanser...after that....i followed sue-mae with denise, azrina, shiat, sara, carmen to the curve. yeah..spend some time there...and now..back here where i am. has been a busy day.


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