Monday, September 12, 2005

oh yeah!

yes...i am damn happy...thank god our exams are coming to an end..finally..after weeks or hell....hmm..okay..on to the other happening and fun story. you see, i wanted to go for stomp so much, and blardy hell..the tickets are so expensive..sumore my frens sed they wanted to buy da most expensive ticket. hell was so blardy expensive..i nearly could not afford it. BUT<

haha..we came across the promotion package..which is actually a family package, 2 tix for under 17, 2 tix for over 17....and i was like..oh yeah...can and rachel will take the under 17 tix and sue mae and chian will take the over 17 tix. but the problem is, the package for 4 ppl is RM608..and we guessed that we will be gettin the second best seats as if u buy them normally..u wold have to pay Rm177 per ticket.

BUT again, today i called up the hotline. Guess wat they told me? the Rm608 package was for the 1st class seats...omg man..shit shit...i was like happy like mad...when i told the rest..they were like screaming their heads of. So, we shared the RM 608, and each of us only had to pay RM 150 for a RM227 ticket.woohoo....
i am off to buy the tickets...hope i enjoy the show.


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Monday, September 12, 2005 7:06:00 PM  

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