Wednesday, October 26, 2005

final episode, 27-10-2005

we all know, yeah. thursday is the last and final day of our school. ohh...all the glamour of DJ is coming to it's last episode. i could still remember my first few days in DJ, in all that hassle, how i had to apply to switch to DJ just becuz ppl say it's better. or is it?

after one year in DJ.
yes, i admit, indeed this school is the bomb. i had fun in 1 seraya, met a lot of cool friends, like edmund and ken hui, not forgertting the evelyn, wen jie, raechen and ee fei cool gurl gang and i also met hell a lot of cool friends. if i were to name them, until tomorrow i can't finish. to me, this kinda life was good. very little homework, easy exams, no teachers to bug you, the the mood is just so chilling. i can still remember my super kick ass teacher, she teaches me BM and she's cool yeah. after one year, i knew fun will come my way.

after the 2nd year.

in this period of time, i was placed in the most kick ass class ever. (for this time being) this class was absolutely the bomb, and everyone was hell close. i mean really close yeah. we had joy and fun together, organised countless parties and everyone in the class only knew how to talk and play. yeap that's it. talk and play all day. ppl din really bothered to study and of course, our times were spent in a flash of light, laughing away. yeah, thanks to csian, he brought me into xxx stuffs yeah. hey, i lurved the BBQ parties we always had.

into the 3rd.
yeah, here we are. i have reached the upper part of high school. i could still remember the black face or more knowned as the coffin face of the school, siva subramaniam. we, hated him. yes, who likes him . correct yeah? who likes him. although i have never stepped on his toes, but the sight of him makes me sick. wtv lah. even with him i still had fun. i was still bonded back into my old class. i had a time of my life after PMR, everyday enjoying to the max. many friends i met along the way, still keeping touch with old seraya mates and of cuz, a good friend named kh. haha. ppl like jean, sandy, jack, may , jy, and all that i can remember...we were all havin fun man. like crazy. best thing is, when i got good grades for PMR, there's where we actually really released kau kau.

4th year is here.
a totally new class. new, fresh and familiar faces. obviously, everything is different here. it's normal to lose abit of touch with your old friends, but what the heck, you gain new memories. this is where, this is now, and this is how the fab 6 got along. sm, wy, kh, ty, sl and cy made up this group. we were simply fantastic, enjoying to the last drop of everybit. made really good friends in jati besides my fab 6 and me 2 i had a hell alot of time in jati also, they were really good souls out there and i had many kind friends.the best time was after the final examinations, when we did a kick ass drama- with my kick ass sexy dance and all the super hang out DDR sessions we had.

this is what's the hottest thing said. end of the road
the end year is here. although the presence of SPM is there to spoil everything, yet, it was without doubt, the best year that i had. the class seemed to get together even better and super fun activities were coming my way. PRS camps, and all kinda things were just there to remind you of the school spirit. i even got to know even more friends and of course, hehe, i was though all the dirty tricks in school yeah. like actin sick to skip a day, bla bla. now, i am here at this stage, b4 my SPM examinations. the flame of Dj is leaving us tomorrow, the teacher's voice will be unheard, the monday morning everlong assembly is a history to our lives. we used to grunt and groan at lee mei leng for her boring-ness, we used to curse at siva on his stupid-ness and we used to loathe science periods. after all, all this is coming to an end. a good end. yet, i tell myself not to be sad at all these events. we gotta move on guys, we cannot stay forever in DJ. memories will be lost, but what's most important to me, i had a blast, a really full circle of events in DJ. regrets, never and my focus is still strong.


now, the end is here. school's a history to my life. the journey is complete. all the friends i met along they way, thank you for giving me a time of my life. not only that, friends form other schools like catholic high, sri aman, sri kl, DU, had been an experience to live in. yeah tuan leng, i still can remember clearly your sickness. yet again, i know, my fab 6 will still be there no matter what the situation, and not forgetting the dear old freeloader gang, yeah, it has been a good time havin fun and jokin with you guys. and lastly, the movie goers session i had with mae and rach, was totally awesome dude. never, i am gonna fell dejected for missing all these events, because i will never will. and anytime i feel it's time to meet up again, DDR anyone?


Blogger Nimalan D said...

hey whose the fab 6

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 6:50:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

haih.u wana know ka? see the initials also u can guess la..hahaha

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 8:34:00 PM  

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