Friday, October 07, 2005

it's time for me to update

Yaya, haven been bloggin recently. not like my blogging mates who are super chun in updating. yeah lah..blame it on lazyness, wtv. SO, hell is over? think again. koko glitches gave me more headaches like never b4. thank god cecilia printed out a pre copy of our clubs and marks. if not, i would have said bye bye to my dear bowling club and miss my 10 presidency marks PLUS lose 5 marks for PRS.

The next big thing. Banyak bising la. Gerak gempur. If teachers get pissed at students who have been getting unheard grades, i think they will come and chop me. At first, i thought that getting the GG papers would only help me and my frens, but it turned out, sum blardy unknowed fuck came tagging me down just to get sum info about the blardy fucking exam. i mean, come on la. u can get 100%, lagi cheng will squash ur paper. watever it is, i am glad that GG's are over. and to sum it all, GG is a another piece of useless bullshit project which the school implemented. Like usual.

By the way, the one of the unknowned fucks turns out to be no more other than...wei sern. T.T


Blogger chia wen said...

ahahaha. yea..
saik was dem shocked laa.
she was telling us that those Cengal ppl who failed the fiziks percubaan scored A1s and she was like. "So UNBELIVABLE!"

My God... I pity U man.. Wei Sern dem retard.. LOL!

I hate taking exams laa.. See myself fail again... :(

Friday, October 07, 2005 9:53:00 PM  

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