Thursday, October 13, 2005

thursday's a fucker

u heard it. i got into shitload of trouble today. all becuz of sum blardy teachers who were were irresponsible and selfish. but guess wat, i had to over come all these stress in school, and i managed it all by myself with help from some parties. and i setteled it all fine. u heard that, i managed to sette it all fine. ok...first shitload headache.


Guess wat, cecilia was terrible. when they introduced this shit into school, i had already made up my mind to apply for this. i even gave up the help college scollarship interview, because i wanted to join this. so i asked pn mary ann about the prosedures to apply. she kept tealling me to wait for my form teacher, which is cecilia to pay the ten bugs and get the form. guess wat, my class teacher was sum irresposible fuck, who returned the form to mary ann without asking my class. she din even bother to ask us, who's interested to apply for this shit. guess wat? i missed my application. i MISSED it. gone with the wind. i was history. i nearly fainted when they told me my name ain't in there. all becuz of fucking cecilia, which was so bloody irresponsible. no one in my class knew about it or heard about it. i was doomed for hell. luckily, i went around begging other ppl for their forms, and THANK GOODNESS steph lip didn't want her. so she gave it to me. just now. PHEW *


Again that bitch, cecilia refused to go upgrade our grades. she gave us a miserable 1 grade upgrade, and forced us to settle for it. she did not even give us a draft too view our forecast. so, what to do, i had to apporach hamizan for grade upgrades. all these were done behind cecilia's back, and she mus know nothing about all these. so, a bunchload of people went around begging for grades , and we sent in our forecast for alteration. u know wat cecilia did? she did nothing. excatly. nothing to help us. worse still, when we went to collect our forecast today, there was more bullshit. dunnoe where it was and all kinds of fucked up matters. finally, we asked the office boy to collect it on lee mei leng's table. got upgraded...and was setteled, once and for all.

fucking busy day eh?
* oh yeah, i forgot to give credit to rachel for helping me find the unwanted form. thanks!


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