Saturday, November 19, 2005

all in one?

SPM was not that bad after all. after nights of self-talking about how i might be toasted by SPM,it was bearable. on the a happier note, subjects like physics and mod maths were more of a leap over, i hope. i am just praying that the marking will be lenient, if not, there goes my A1.

As for sejarah, i stashed in a huge lot of answers for my structure questions. man, pray i get a hardworking examinor, to slowly select out and grade my BEST answers. if he/she's a lazy asshole, he/she will just read the first few alocatted ones and do not bother about the rest, as far as i know, we are advised to put in extra answers for our sturcture and essays. well, i hope everyone in DJ puts that, so that the examinor won't be shocked to see my paper with endless answers. guess what, for the stupid mat salleh question, i filled up until number 9 i think!

Mod maths paper one was a little screwed, as in about 5+ mistakes for objective. as for paper 2, it was really do-able. no problems at all, minus the matrixs shit, but oh well, i hope i can reach at least a 95% for that paper. seriously, i do not want to end up with an a2 or worst a b3. should be no problem to get an a1, but then again, gotta pray hard and hope the examinor does not screw up his/her marking.

Physics. Does 5 mistakes for objective sound bad? hmm..i am not sure. to me, i think it's alright, but then again, 2 of those were stupid mistakes, and i at least deserved 47/50. ahh, crap. i know u all out there got like 49/50 or even full marks. paper 2 was again, do-able, with the end essays as a bonus cuz i think i could do everything there. my hidrometer was a little screwed, and sadly, i do not even know how to draw one. so, i drew something like a thermometer with a fat ass. goddamnit, i forgot the takrifan for gelombang koheren too. besides that, everything else seemed fine. paper 3, to me, i think it was harder that the previous years, but it was alright too. nothing wrong with the 3 questions, i am banging to score on this to again redeem my A1.

Bahasa Malaysia, ARGHH. this paper totaly sucks. no time for paper 2, always again. i finished right on the dot, with 0 minutes to count the words for my rumusan. fuck. well, at least i answered all the god-dammned blardy question. i felt i progressed better in paper 1, cuz the writing ideas came for paper 2, the only part that i felt happy was at the pembetulan kata-kata and the first section which is sastera and rumusan(tho i did not manage to count the amout, i bluffed!) hehe. novel was also ok, but my peribahasa sucked big time. dammnit, i knew i was so gonna f-up that section man. nvm, dun care. 6 marks. ishh....after everything, i really hope to get an a2. seriously. gimme an a2 and i walk away happy. and a1, and i will be screaming my top off.

TO sum this week up, it was better than i expected. i though that this week will be the most hectic and hellish week, but after the paper, it was ok. really, but still an undeniable fact. SPM has ruined my god damn birthday. my whole family including me, forgotten that my birthday was just around the corner. not until i looked up at the calander, and,'s approaching. a best-test birthday present to me will be 10A1's. If that is reality, that i will be thankful all my life.

*oh another thing. yi chian jst brought this up to me. try looking through your old paper works, which u have used rollers. do you realize, some rollers tend to fade after time, as in, your original writing can be seen through. well, if u have used them in your spm, u better hope it fades after like 3-4 months, after it is marked. or to prevent this, get a better roller, or jus cut your mistakes away.


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