Sunday, November 13, 2005

coffee miracle

yeah, sejarah did this to me. it's 4.30am, but what's keeping me going. yeah, nescafe. actually, i did not really believe in all this coffee and tea trick, but oh well, trying it means no harm. poof, immediately, i forgotten about sleeping yeah. no wonder 3 in 1 coffee packets are disappering fast in the market. hehe

back to my original note, spm is officially one day away. yeah, one day. so good luck to all my frens and blog readers out there, grab your a's. remeber, suffer now, party later. there's no harm in staying up late yeah, jus bear for it for these few days. when it starts it's gonna end too. to top this off, stay well and calm, and answer questions wuth full wisdom and patience. best of luck!


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