Wednesday, November 09, 2005

dogs at work

this is how i've been putting up everynight, my minumum sleeping time is at 4a.m, forcing myself to study. i know one fine day, i'll break down with flu or whatever shit, but i gotta do it man. my focus to get 10a's much be fulfilled, and this is the only way out, cause this week is ONLY my official studying week. sigh.

anyway, i just bought a couple of books, and dear me, physics was real hard. struggling to finish-up the whole book in about 3 days time, i kept on doing and doing. some questions were so impossible, the nearly made me cry.ahaha. anyway, i must keep going on lah. even if i break down, i hope it's after SPM la. that time, it's good for a real rest. whoo.


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