Tuesday, November 01, 2005

things i luv to do

fine, ranty post. what to do, nothing to blog about ma. the stay home curfew is on for me and everybody else. haih, then u wan me to blog about studying meh? hehe..anyway, back to today's topic.

item 1: putting pore packs on my pimple patches (acne) , on my cheek.

scary yah. that's excatly what i love to do. i have a box of these pore packs and after cleasing my face. shiooknya. while my face it wet, i will peel of one strip and stick it right across my acne patch. then i will wait for a LONG time yeah. memang, i am damn patient for this until the whole pack is really dry and it sticks on real HARD. ohh, here comes highlight. then, slowly i will peel it off, memang it's painful and when it is peeling off, u can see all the pus, yelloish, and disgusting sticks coming out. man, it's just so satisfying. just did it yesterday, and i managed to pull out 20 fucking pus sticks plus sum really huge pus sticks very halfway out. okay, this is also really nice, i will give thos dangling pus sticks a good squueze, and it squeezes out like play dough along with oil and blood after that. fantastic.

item 2: lying on the bad wrapped around in my towel right after shower.

hmm...i always to this in my room yeah. after a good shower, i will tower dry myself real clean, and then poop, lie on the bed to have a snooze, yeap with my towel still wrapped on. i will blast on the air- con and pull up my comferter up and snooze away for at least an hour. so blardy refreshing. only after snoozing, then after i will put on my clothes and fully declare that my shower time is over. hmm, mayb it's becuz i am just too lazy to change into my clothes, hehe. anyway, there are times i go overboard on this, and i only wake up after like 6 hours of snoozing!

item 3: cooking indomee, korean mee, or applying cheese spread on cookies.

time: usually about 2-3 am. yeap where my stomach gets really noisy. i will whip up a really cool supper for myself, and i usually go to bed with a full stomach. hmm, does this explain why i always poop alot in the morning? hehe, anyway as u all know, supper ain't good for heatlh, but eating once in awhile won't kill you. so, u wan me to recommend sum chun instant noodles, well it gotta me the fabolous korean mee. take a look at it later.

hehe, that's all for it today.


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