Saturday, December 24, 2005


oh my goodness. i haven't been updating for ages. my blog nearly died man. ahha. thank god i remembered the password. okay, cut the crap out. back to business. things i have done since spm died. if i were to write it in choronology form, until tomoro tak habis. fine, so, it will be category and point form. like it or not, that's it. ahahha...just kiddin.

First Event: Movies watched plus movie reviews.

Narnia: Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.
big thanks to ken hui for lining up in the insanely crazy GSC line for the tickects. the movie started of with a slumber feeling, you know, little kids playing hide and seek, but the movie catched up after the 2 superly cute beavers arrived. omg, they are so super-kawaii man. thank goodness the war part was not too long, cuz i hate long war scenes. simply sleeping pills to me. i lurve the whole storyline of the movie, very creative and very imaginative. effects were so-so lah, for a walt disney movie. and i guesss the witches' outfit was kinda sexay, hmm..she has a really sharp look in her eyes. yeah, i think she's the best actor in this movie. Ah, damnit. can't post up any pics, blogger system is retarded. anyway, i think mae, rach and ken hui read the book already, cept' for me. argh, damnit shld have read the book b4 seeing it. they too, found the movie above expectations.
Rating: 7/10

SPL: "Sat Poh Long"

urghhh, this is sum chinese gangster movie. one thing about chinese movies that i hate are, the ending is usually predictable. for example, the main hero suddenly finds out he has cancer and can only live for one month, OR his super-enemy is his long lost brother OR he wins the battle but his girlfriend dies together with the enemy. you know what i mean lah, it's always like that wan. this was a sadistic 18-sg movie, with full of fighting and bloody scenes. ahh..then as usual lah, when the witness is supposed to go to court to give his testimony to ensure the bad guy goes to jail, the bad guy hires a killer to ram into his car when he's on the way to court, and poof, he dies. and from there, as usual, the police have to slowly hunt the gangster down, using all the tricks in the trick book. fine fine, the ending was predictable, as the hero had cancer and mampus-lah. but at the same time, the gangster dies. cuz terjatuh from building. this movie was just normal to me le, but for the 10 bugs i paid to enter, i should have used it to watch a better movie. i think only kee peng and chung kent enjoyed it, cuz they, like small kids, wurved the fighting scenes. and when the bad guy gets stabbed in the heart, the went like YEAHHHHH!!!, (-.-) in the cinema, with me and hun jack chukling away at them.
Rating: 5.9/10

Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire.
quite a number of peeps went for this movie yeah, and this movie was quite good. it reached my expectations, and everything was kinda clear cut. no baffling scenes, everything was direct. but we can't expect much of a storyline twist becuz everything is acted based on the book. the part i liked most about this movie was during the yule ball, where emma watson looked fantastic. and i really commend the actors, as they are less-kayu wile acting on this movie. during the first movie, daniel radcliffe had wooden legs man, as in, he can't really move around. they have greatly improved their acting skills, and learnt to show more emotion during those saddening parts. the only weird thing about this movie was when dumbledore apprached potter after the "gelas berapi" spitted out his name. gosh, dumbledore was even more rough than a gangster. urghh...other than that, the whole movie was commendable. ohh, man, i still owe xiang 10 bugs for this muvee tix. shet, better pay up me debts. overall, good movie. owh, and damnit, the cinema was blardy cold for no apprent reason. i mean, seriously freezing. urghh, right after the show ended, i went to the toilet and warm man!
Rating: 7.9/10

Fireflies: River of light. (Jap with eng subtitles.)
Yeaa, thanks to chian we got this movie. i was supposed to watch the fog, but omggg, she bought these tickets, cuz biasalah, the fog no more tixs liao. so, how did it go? the jap drama was seriously predictable, u know, once it started, u could predict the ending. the scripts were so old school and lame, and of course, the storyline is really boring. imagine raising fireflies and watchin them fly in the end, what's so great about it? the only part commendable about this movie is that we learn about the life cycle of a firefly, and how to properly raise it. that's mainly all about it. for your 10 bugs, this movie ain't worth it. better use that 10 bugs to eat mcD's, lagi better.
Rating : 4.9/10

More reviews to come when i have the time. So long for now! Cheers!


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