Friday, January 06, 2006

RM 20.06

So, what happened to your new year resolutions? Is it fully fulfilled, or down the drain. Well for mine, i knew this was coming, so, i din do anything much about it. Cause chances are, i will forget my resolutions and live life like normal. So, what matters is, just enjoy the new year eve to the max yeah. In whatever form possible. disco's, club's , countdown events, karaoke's, and so one. So, how did your brat here enjoy new year eh? Here it goes.

Er, karaoke? Ahahaha, that was the pre new year party. Redbox it was. As expected, everyone was singing and the best choice of songs were -DUH- pop songs. Rap songs turned out to be a huge mistake, cause rap songs' beat are usually out of time and cocky. Er, like when nimalan and ting tried to sing candy shop?? ahh...leave that scenario to your own judgement. We had ten peeps in our rooms, mostly balau-ers. Wei huang, yi ting, nimalan, wing chuan, wei june, ee lynn, yi chian, me, shiat nee, and brian. Since we had a hi-tea set, there was food and there were drinks.

For food and drinks , we had:-

it's called christmas and new year's combo aka jingle blue. when they served it to us, the top part was blue. but i don't know why it looks like this in the pic. the bottom is actually a blend of alcoholic mint, while the top is a sweet refreshing aqua liquid. taste very good, it's not really sweet, it's a blend of minty flavour with and zest of aqua.

We had curry puffs, crabsticks and a whole lotta other things as you can see in the pic. There were also fish fillets with fries, hehe, i whacked the whole plate. Food was alright, the only thing that was a problem is that it became cold fast. Cuz of the high power air-con blowing down to it.

Mmmmm, crabstick with chilly sauce. Looks really nice eh, but it's just normal, i can tell you. the meat was rather firm, while the breadcrumbs on the outside gave it a crunchy feeling.

After our fantastic food and beverage encounter, we continued singing. popular songs were like, there' you'll be by faith hill, my heart will go on by celine dion, and a whole load more. and of course, good entertaiment must come with a hefty bill. pfft.

The total came to a whopping Rm 400.20 .Thank god i had a 100 bugs voucher, if not, the damage would be worst. Now, i know why they say, never go to red box during their peak hours. Since there were ten ppl, each person had to fork out 30 +, ouch, but overall, it was a good day spent.

Group pic outside redbox. From left:- shiat nee, wei huang, tysern, brian, wing chuan, yi ting, nimalan, ee lynn, wei june, and chian was the photographer takin the photo. hehe.

Okay, enough of red box. This is how my new year's eve afternoon went. After that, i adjorned to wai yee's house to have a pizza party, b4 going back to the curve and one utama to continue new year countdown celebrations.


At the curve, the music was rather bland. hitz fm was there, and aih, the concert sucked shit. no rave. i went there with chung kent and kee peng, and met up with ting, nimalan and brain. then came in the keruing guys like juin yen, jack, kwok liang, siu hong, kenneth,....bla celebrate the countdown. din bring my cam there, boohoo. if not, i would have taken shit load of pics. after the suckass party and the fireworks cum the coutdown, i dragged kee peng and chung kent along to the rave party held at one utama.

The rave party was more my speed man. with trance and techno music blasting away, i was crazily dancing on the floor. the dj that was spinning was jungle jerry, and his beats were rather hard.

The rave event. All local dj-s, but the speakers were loud enought the move ur heartbeat. If you read the leaflet, the podium dancers were actually the pole dancers!

urr...jungle jerry with his trance and tribal sets.

Actually, when the rave opened earlier, they were charging people money. But when i saw ppl gushing in and the barriers got loose, we just crashed in. So, i saved on my entrace tickets! Ahahaha. For a free rave, the music was quite good. but if they were to charge ppl money, then i think it will be not really worth it. when i got it, there were pole dancers, yeahh...and all the guys were staring at them. hehe. as usual, i saw ppl puking on the dance floor, euuu... and some drunken bastards were just zonked out, lying on the road nearby.

That's for my new year celebration. at least, i can happily remember that my first 2006 rave was at one utama.


I will blog about my genting trip on my other post. cuz if i put it in here, it will be too long. so on the 4th jan, while we were still in the new year mode, me, yi chian, kee peng, ze xiang, and rinnie adjourned to watched Cheaper by the dozen 2. the movie was a great laugh, and some parts very soo cute. i liked the part where the 2 dads were at the cinema, that was the super funniest part of all. okay, i do not want to spoiler anyone here, so...i'll move on to the events.

i dragged kee peng, xiang, chian and rin to eat this thing. it was super-uberly nice. presenting the seafood platter. shioook gila. the mayo cum tartar sauce on the seafood was simply great. everything was hell fresh, and the prawns were coated in garlic sauce. Mmmm. one word. Delicious!

A few kewl snapshots of the funni muvee.

One family with twelve kids. Respect man. the 2 boys were really HUGE pranksters.

Murtaugh holding on to baker. This is the super funni part i was talkin about.

The baker family. For the labour cup, in the end, murtaugh and baker's family did not win. rather, the ending was a cute twist!

Hilarry duff stoning an a chair. In this movie, she was the most perky sibling of the whole family.

okay, enuf of movie snapshots. after the movie, we all adjourned to the bowling alley. here it goes.

typical tysern with his flashy smile. what more can i say? ehhe

MH stands for Mr. Horny, which is me lah, like duh. K stands for keepengy, which got trashed by a girl-next door who is R. R stands for rinnie while X stand for xiangy. chian was cautious about her nails, issit? so, she din play. instead, she took photos. As usual, mr. horny kicked ASS!!!!

The bowlers. Xiang, Sexy Ty, Kee Peng, and Rinnie.

after that, we had dinner at burger king, and i, as a erm, what you call it grabbed a pair of free sof-lens contacts at a contact lens booth. free mah, so take only lah. after that, xiang went home, leaving me and kp in the bowling alley playin pool. i met up with my mum's fren, who is very fond of bowling, and we had a few games together again. hehe. this time i was lucky enuf to win the match and win contest. HAHAHAHA.

yeah, i matched 2 frames and TADA, i was an automatic winner. woohoo.....uhh yeah baby!

My voucher. if only i could match up ALL the 6 frames, a digicam or hp will be mine. nvm, i will keep on trying!

After the game, my mum sent kp home, and i finally arrived home at 11.00pm. let's call it for a day.

genting trip will be on my next post. dig that guys, my longest post in history. credits to sue mae for teachin me to use the blogger way of uploding photos, which is soo much faster. cheers and goodbye!


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