Thursday, January 19, 2006

ye old good frens

i paid my old frens a suprise visit at taylors today. not really suprise la, but mae was like,
tysern ah, tomoro go taylors with chian to visit ppl. wan? kinda spontanious but, yeah, i went. scheduled time was to meet there at 11.00am, but i was only late for 5 mins. ok, i know it's not good to say that, but to the ppl that know me, being late 5 mins is a real blessing. Met up with wai yee and su lynn plus i think erm, my old fren from physics tuition along side with mae and chian at Asia Cafe. Ate their super famous pan mee, and after abit of chit chat, i was ready for session 2.

when ken hui and ee fei's break ended the following hours, we adjourned to salmon steak for their GOD-KNOWS-HOW-THEY-MAKE-MONEY five dollars per set meal. Yeap, you heard me, 5 dollars per set meal. saw wen jie and steffie there, but sadly cuz the crowd was too huge, we went to a kim gary taste-a-like restaurant. i just ate sandwiches cuz i was quite full at that moment.

after that, i adjorned to allin's to pick up mae's aunt before heading to the curve. at the pharmacy, i had a blood sugar level test, and *clap clap* my blood sugar level has dropped from a staggering 7.9 to a 5.9 . yeah, celebration time. bring out the shandy and all the fuckin can drinks which i had abstained from, for quite some time. nah, better jaga at this lvl lah. from here on, it's photobloggin. so much easier. here are the photos taken for the day. enjoy.

At Asia Cafe, clockwise from left, su lynn, tysern, wai yee and yi chian. i was eating their pan mee, which was recomended by mae and chian. i asked for "sheun kam ping", but they gave me plain lemon juice. aih. so sour like mad lah. still got a bunch of ppl on the other side of the table, but can't really recall their names.

At the Kim Gary taste-a-like restaurant. i was havin a light snack, which others opted for desserts or the nissin noodles. we look like, ermm.....*insert wat u want* in this pic.

PART 2: Jolly jolly happy happy at The Curve. Man, that was seriously lame.

Nice scenery + nice supermodels + good camera skills = gorgeous pic!

two gurls, a hottie and a chinese stage. what more can i say?

hmm, their deco was really good yeah. there were performers from china doing some stunt to a mere 50 plus crowd. sad but, the performance was quite alright. the usual ones lah, like the plates spinning on top of the steel rod, magic bricks which seem to stick together, and a magic show. overall, quite okay.

Shops that we (mainly the gurls) visited:-
1. nichii fashion city
2. nichii fashion city
3.nichii fashion city
5.truffles cafe.
6.padini concept store.

it will be a knockout situation if i squash myself into this baby-tee and shake my ass in cheerleading. but the words are quite true also loh, horr??? =p

food posing at truffles cafe. thanks to mae's aunt for the big treat. it's cheesy rusti with bacon, eggs and broncolli. the rusti was flavour to perfection, and the cheesy stuffs made it melt in ur mouth. 2 huge slices of bacon simply added a toast to it. delicious!

next post will be on how deadly stress is, with a LIVE model to show the effects. stay tuned!


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