Sunday, March 05, 2006

3rd final destination

Ahh yeah, just returned home from watching final destination 3. So, how the fuck was it? The opening song and scences were fucking good yeah, very exciting, the roller coaster crash was well directed, but the way those ppl died ain't shocking enough.

Spoilers parts. Read at ur own risk. Dun come swearing at me if u read it and ter-spoiler urself. How's that. Getting burned in a tanning bed after the controls gets out of control. Fucking sick. Getting a motor driven through ur head till it explodes. Oh my god. Getting nails shot in your head by a nail gun. Fucking awesome. Getting chopped by 2 knives at sudden. A stomch turning event.

Final say, the movie is fucking gross. The idea is great, but oh my god, it is simply gross man. A must try for first timers, and a must see for shitty sadistic ppl, me? Wtv.

Spotted on a website. Final destination in 3D. Can die lorrr. Sure shit in pants wan.
Fucking tired now. Must sleep.


Ahhhh, tiesto's coming. Yeah he is. And poor me? Thinking of a way to get in. Will they fucking check ID's? Should i make one for myself, or should i just borrow my fren's, or shld i jst bribe to get my ass in?

Fucking teach me how la. He does not come everyday u know. It's like only once in a decade. How, to get in? As far as i know, if the crowd is huge, they won't check ID. But times when you are sui, you kena. Wtf..arhh...

Love his new song, adagio for strings. And traffic is sure on his line up list. I wanna go, but how?


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