Saturday, March 04, 2006

another late night

Hey ppl, here i am, back at blogging. Always wanted to be a constant blogger, but always fail eh. Anyway, i just came back from a house warming ceremony in Puchong, and oh yeah, the house is really nice. What's best is the food rocks my socks ok, chicken curry, fried chicken, stewed mushrooms, ah yeah, just nice.

The house is quite far away from Pj, it is located at Bandar Bukit Puchong, and yeah, i had a great time exploring their houses. Their renovation cost was huge, it was almost more than the price of the house itself. Shall not reveal the total cost for privacy reasons, but yeah, it's more than half a million.

The bathroom area. This ain't the master yeah, and the glass panelling is simply great. Looks very elegant, like a 5 star hotel's bathroom when you step in.

Nice and simple sink area. Looks very clean and dazzling.

The gurls will love this fucking huge wardrobe. It can easily squeeze in a ton of clothings.

They have 2 of these LCD tv's in their home. Ohhh, imagine a bucket of popcorn while seeing movies on this huge screen, shiookk kan?

Their bed in the master. The bedsheet is quite unique.

Another huge wardrobe area. Even the Sims 2 cannot beat man. Nowadays, ppl love houses with huge ass wardrobes.

Entrance to their toilet and wardrobe. What do you think?

On the left is the toilet, amd yeah, another huge ass wardrobe on the right.

Their AV room. This TV is not the one i showed you all just now. Man, 2 LCD tv's on house. Simply great.

Kitchen area. I think it's zen style. I personally lurve that style.

Cool ship huh. Must be a present for them on this house warming ceremony.

The cateror also got class man. What a nice decor just for the food. Water fountains' with mist emitting from it.

Finally the back area. The black and white tiles really adds a touch of zen to it.

Okay, that's all folks. After this event, i had to go to work at 10pm to 3am, sad right. Met up with my good buddies at their bar for a yam cha session and visit, mainly chung kent and hun jack
b4 coming home to sleep.

might be going to watch final destination 3 tomoro. oh yeah baby, big fans of their first 2 series.
bye ppl!


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