Monday, March 13, 2006

faith will play it's part

Be calm, we must always tell ourselves. This is only ONE of the most nail biting incidents we are going through. We have been through this, and we know that no matter what happens, it's the after spirit that affects us most physically.

For we can, and we know we are dj-ians. We are reputable for churning out A's buy the busloads, and of course, we will live up to the reputation. I know we can, and when the spirit comes into life, many a times, everyone leaves the hall with a smile on their faces.

The hell we are going through right now, waiting for that dreaded piece of paper, we will never experience it in the coming future. Bear with your feelings, u know you can do it, for after all, your A's will NEVER change, once your piece of exam work is up to that standard. What we are getting tomoro is a gauge for ourselves, not for others. Breaking your own limits and not others, that is what releases that ecstacy dose into your bloodstream.

For i know, i can do it, it will be that way i want it, and yes, this will be the sweetest moment in my life

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!


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