Friday, March 03, 2006

the starbucks experience

After all the shit i have been through, it's time to share a little bit of my working enviroment with you all. You see, getting this job ain't easy, cuz of all the blardy training i have to go thru, jst to qualify to work in starbux. 40 hours of training, frequent trips to jalan imbi in KL, and endless lectures finally came to an end, and i thought i could happily work back in the store, or so i thought.

To make things easier, i will reveal the TOP 20 fun facts about my job. Here we go.

1. My pay is 5 dollars and hour, my overtime rate is at 7.50 per hour, tht's if i work more than 8 hours per day.

2. I have 4 managers in my store working in different shifts to supervise our work. 2 big managers and 2 supervisors. Out of the 4, one of them rocks my socks, the other 2 is quite friendly and there is always one who'se the party pooper.

3. One of my collegues is a dj-ian who is 9 years my senior.

4. My store opens from 8.00am to 12.00pm on sundays to thursdays while it operates from 8.00am to 2.00am on fridays and saturdays.

5. If you have a j-card, you can use it to get 10 percent discount, while i purchase beverages at 30% off as an employee.

6. If i work 4 hours a day, i get 1 free beverage and 10 mins break, if i work 5-7 hours a day, i get 2 free beverages and 30 mins break, and finally if i work 8 hours and above, i get 50 mins break and 3 free beverages.

7. Yes, we are very clean and rats free. We use kay-5 sanitizers to wash practically everything and all cutlery items as well as cooking utensils. All these goes into the dishwasher and a tempreture of 120 degress.

8. Every beverage has it's own procedures in making. eg: for a latte, it will be espresso first and then milk and so on. AND YES, i have to remember ALL THE RECIPES for all the beverages.

9. The only beverages than DO NOT contain milk is a caffe americano, black coffee or iced tea. All the others have a very high milk content.

10. You can request for low fat milk or soy milk, which has about 75% less fat than the normal full cream milk.

11. I am the youngest person working there, at a tender 17 years old.

12. We are very precise in milk steaming, and yes, we steam milk with a thermometer, to ensure we do not overheat it.

13. Green tea frappucino is probably one of the most expensive beverages in the store.

14. Starbucks is not a franchise, and it is wholly owned by berjaya group, who'se boss is Vincent Tan.

15. We have over 70 stores in the whole of malaysia. there is one in kuantan, 3 in genting and they are planning to open in sabah and sarawak by this year.

16. Sometimes, the collegue that you think will be your close friend turns out to be a pain in your ass, while those you are not so close to, in the end, becomes your good friend.

17. The starbucks t-shirt they provided me sucks like donkey dick cuz it's so fucking ugly and traps heat , so tht's why i opt to wear white shirts, which leaving some ppl thinking that i am the manager!

18. I do communicate well with my customers, and i have had long conversation chats with them over coffee for well, mayb an hour.

19. My favourite beverage is Caramel frappucino blended cream. It's like vanilla ice cream, and it's hell smooth like baby's skin.

20. Washing the grease trap might be the most sick thing you would ever do in your life.

That's it people. Anymore questions on my job, ask me personally and i would be happy to answer. Come visit me, and you do stand a chance for a free drink or either 30 percent off. Haha


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