Saturday, March 11, 2006

time is ticking

Here it is guys. The day, is drawing closer. It is just next to us. YES, NEXT TO US. In a couple of hours, our final episode of our school life will either have a :

a) happy ending.
b) sad ending.
c) so-so ending.

We are going to collect our SPM results.

Now, on to something not so shit scary.

OMG, i had the longest meeting in my life today. Starbucks meeting. 4 hours, sitting on the chair, listening and sometimes giving suggestions. I know it's good for me, but it was hell borin. Seriously.

Adjorned to OU after tht to meet up with xiang and kelv. On the way, saw bunchloads of dj-ians trying to do sth to get SPM RESULTS off their mind. Naturally, i saw esther, edmund, sharon and ken chong.

Meet up with kenneth, peng cheng, jian sheng and this dude from catholic high, b4 going for a bite at yoshinoya. Dunnoe wtf is wrong with dj-ians today, i met another bunch of 5 ppl from keruing. All must be scared shit at home, coming out to de-stress.

Finally, after the eating episode ended, hehe, there i dragged them along to look/buy parfume.
Yeah, you hear it right, Parfume.

And again, i saw shiat nee as a saleswoman there. She recomended to me a few brands, but hehe, i am waiting for my ( i hope it get it) license to buy it. My spm results lah, good results = can get anything i want.

She recomended me 4 brand names, and here they are.

Aramis life.

One of the most musky-men type perfume compared to the others. Suitable for working men, and it has a dry smell. Has hints of fresh flowers, and it will smell great at functions. It's not very distinct, rather more pleasent. Ideal for a relaxing and calming apppreance, a man like perspective. A huge favourite in the store.

Rating : 7/10

Ck One.

Shiat Nee was the promoter for Ck One. Sweet little gurl there, nearly did not recognise her wearing erm, quite heavy make-up as a promoter for this brand. Well, she sprayed some on a little piece of card and yes, i do like this smell. It has a distinct smell, quite sharp and when you put it on, it gives you a higher "class". Has hints of mellow scents, like lavander, very mellow, and not sharp. May give other ppl a sense of likebility after smelling this scent on your body. Unfortunately, it's RM 160 for 100 millilitres.

Rating : 7.5/10


It's name is Be Delicious (for Men). Unique name, VERY NICE BOTTLE. The gurls design is even nicer, it looks like a green apple. Okay, back to topic. I have to say, it was very attractive, from it's designs to it's smell. Nowadays, all men parfumes have a really sweet touch, no more the bold and musky WOW smell anymore. Moving on with this trend, this has a light and soothing smell. Works VERY well at parties, or when you inch your body over to socialize. It's not too strong, which i favour and yes, i does come with a hefty price. Rm 170 for only a measly 50 millilitres.

Rating : 8/10

Ck Be.

This perfume is HOT. Really, It has a very distinct smell, VERY spice notes, smells like spices. This is the one, if you wanna stand out and be the spotlight. For girls, i can be like POISON, the fragance, which also has a sharp smell. This is kinda the men's version of posion. Not really to my taste, but hey, i would love to put it on if i am wearing a black shirt complete with black satin pants. That's when, it rally pairs up with ur dressing.

Rating 6.5/10


After much shopping, i finally returned home with this :

4 perfume stubs. sigh. but i think i will go for the Ck one or the DKNY be Delicious.
Come smell me man! =p

So, for the time being, i will be using my ye old trusty ermmm......

Yeah, my old Tommy Hilifiger. Smells like lemon citrus with a blend of malibu.

Anyway, if you are observent, you could have smelled this on me, when you embraced near my body.

Hahahahahahahah............. =p


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