Tuesday, March 28, 2006

under the pale moonlight

Okay peeps, you will find out the reason behind my title later in this post. Anyway, a couple of jati-ans had this bye-bye dinner for Hun Jack at guess where, YES, AGAIN, that blardy PJ Seafood Restaurant.

I am so falling in love with their fucking creamy butter crabs with a seductive aroma. Thanks to kp's wild idea to order 3 kilos of it, leaving us bloated with butter at the end of that session. Neway, this time, we had 9 ppl all together eating. And yes, the main star of the day, came DAM FUCKING late alright. We all had to wait for him to come, whilst the food in front of us. Trust me, it was pure hell.

Neway, back to the point, dinner was great. Good food, great jokes and of course tons of questions to shoot at each other, considering the fact that it's been some time since we all ate. The bill came up to a whopping RM 243, with 6 dishes on the line.

To conclude this, many thanks to all of you who came. Thank god no-one backed out, all was on time and present. Great! Yay. Another great farewell dinner. Although the bill counting was abit of a headahce, but it was nothing compared to mae, chian and rach's dinner. God damn, that bill was WHOPPING BIG, but of course, we had a huge crowd. About 25 ppl. As fun as planning a farewell dinner might seem, i do not really opt to plan one, unless that fren of ours is really going. Farewell dinners are never great and when one comes, it means someone is going abroad. Owhh...

After eveyone was done eating, it was time to take pictures. Here goes,

Top row: Kelv, Ty, Danny, Hun Jack, Edmund and Jing.
Sitting down : Kee Peng, C Kent and Xiang.

Shot 2 was supposed to be NOT NORMAL. And it turned out like this.

Same old look lah. Only that danni gives a smooching pose, xiang and kelv gives us that peace sign, kp looks confused, i gave a nicer smile and not much change on the rest of the ppl. Hahahahaha

The bill. Overall quite reasonable leh, considering we had crabs, prawns and fish.

After dinner, the group adjorned to jelutong for a drink, b4 going home. Kinda full from the meal, we jst ordered drinks. At jelutong,

Random pic. Taken by dansen i think.

Another one. Oh for goodness sake, hun jack, plz get a hair cut before leaving for Russia.

From far left, Xiang, Edmund and Ty.

And now, the reason behind my title. Here it goes.........

After the meet up, and after ck and kp were done with the job, we did something that we had never done before. Me, hun jack, kee peng and c kent went on a ghost hunting trip. Yeah, you heard that right. Do not get excited, i have tons of videos to show you all.

We decided to drive up Bukit Kiara, in Taman Tun that jungle reserve at almost midnight. It was a joggers hill at daylight, but it was scary as hell at night. When we reached there, we found out that the gate blocking the road was closed. But thank god, it was only latched. Opened it illegally, and drove straight into the jungle up the hill.

The road was winding and steep. And it was fucking scary. Anything that popped out would have made us poop in our pants. Dangerous too. What if the car skidded of the tracks, we would be stuck in a deep jungle ditch.

The worst thing is, we had not alot of petrol in the tank. Imagine getting stuck on top of that jungle hill, with zero petrol.

This video is showing you the road leading up to the jungle. The trip was freaky.
p/s: hope u don't mind the music from the radio playing in the background.

On the way up to haunted hill. Enjoy the video. Whoooo......

When we were at the jungle peak, and when the darkness level was full, we stopped the car, and scared the living shit out of chung kent. We tried to pull him out of the car and abondon him by the jungle side.

He freaked out lah. But we were't so bad. Nah, we won't do it. Just scare him only.

The spooky road leading up to the jungle.

Stopping by the roadside to enjoy the thrill. C kent does not even dare to wind down the window.

He went at pee by the jungleside. That asshole.

Jack says : "SO WHAT" ?

Me chilling to the cool breeze.

And oh well, they tried to leave me there by driving off. But of course, i din panicked or wtv shit. Just waited for them to make a u-turn and pick me up.

Driving off w/o me, ahahahaah, what a joke. Given c kent, he would have fainted liao.

Okay, i hope u enjoyed this post. Leave ur commets in right section lerr...my tagboard is dam full liao. Neway, can rant and ramble more also, in the comments section.

Bye for now, i hope you don't see anything AWKWARD in the video.


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