Sunday, March 05, 2006

what the fook?

Looked at the star today? Look at the blardy headlines. When i woked up in a daze and when i gave the headlines a stare, i was dumfolded for a while !

KINDIES CLOSED. Wat the fook do they mean? Hurrr....only after a while, oh cheh, kindergartens closed cuz of the FHM disease. No la not FHM, hahahhaa it's HFM (hand, food and mouth disease) . Hmmmm, new breed of malaysian magazine?

Anyway, as long as i knew english, never had i come across a word like this. Did they got it from the underwear synonym, u know, underwear in short = undies. While kindergartens in short = kindies?

Hmmm, then panties must be the short form. the long form, Pandawears? does it sound right, Pandawears = Panties!


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