Friday, March 24, 2006

will this be it?

Hey, anyway, another one of my goody old slow lagging friend is going abroad. To where, Moscow man. That's just sooo....OHHHH AHHHH WAHHH. Hahaha, mayb shocking news to some people, but i knew he was planning to go since some time back already. He told me about it and everything, and yes, i wish him luck in his career. Anyway, back to my point, i think I do not need to worry looking for doctors in my later life ; altho i hope i do not require their assitance often=p. That's not very healthy news yeah, if you're constantly looking for a doctor. One vet and one potential doctor coming from Melbourne, and now this one, coming from Russia.

If you're still blur, that fella is our dear Hun Jack. Yeah, it's Hun Jack.

Here he is, a photo taken a few month b4 SPM. This is currently how he looks like.

Anyway, I knew him since Form 1, when he was in the 1 Seraya class with me. I was not very close to him at that time, mainly because of language communicate problem. He was from a chinese medium school, and yes, me as mr.banana know nuts about mandarin. Din really know him well that time, until.........

Jack back in the year 2000. When we were all virgins ( as in virgin towards school attitute, NOT SEX) and cute little cuddly shits.

...........anyway, back to my story, we met up again in 2004, which is form 4. And still, i was not close to him, yes, in form 4, we rarely talk, not till form 5, whe i got to know him more. And oh my fooking goodness, when u know him, there are alot of things u NEVER KNEW about him. Like what he likes most, what he does and how he reacts to things. Ok, anything further from this is personal, and yes, i am not gonna blog about what he does when he's at home. Anything more, ask him directly! =p


Since it was his birthday recently, and oh yes, the 4 of us (kp, ck , hj and me) we practically craving for tai chow food, we decided to eat out at PJ Seafood Rest. It's that restaurant where u know, after the mini tunnel leading to tropicana, u make a left turn up to the mini hill. Yeah, the one next to the nicely built damansara lagenda homes.

So, Kee Peng decided to be our driver for that day. Driving us there is NO LAUGHING matter. Not that he was bad at driving, but he's such a noobie and urr... a manual car? Dying the engine multiple times at a crosslight ain't funny yeah!

When i took this, these 2 poopheads were like, Oi, wtf was that. Why suddenly got light scary lah. The police flashing us issit? abt blurness...

Urghhh...posing. Wait till i get my stuff, then i'll show you how to pose cum drive.

Me and hun jack looking quite stoned in the back seat. I know my hair looks retarded yeah, tht's cuz i jst took of my working cap. Damn, how i hate to wear that shit.

Very much alive when we reached the restaurant. Ok, 3 cheers for his driving. Hahahaha

Who here agrees with me that his smile is fucking cute. OMG, how the hell does he do that man. It's just so super-kawaii.

Looking stoned as usual. Classic jack.

Me giving a half-shy smile. Noticed any changes to my face? Hahaha.....

Flashing off his new brownish hair and yeah, urmmm half moon smile? Hehe

So, this is how the 4 of us looks like now la. Not much of a change in face, and of course, in personality also! Now, time for food ordering. We ordered 5 dishes, and i will put them in order which i least prefer to which i like most.

Standing at number five, it's

God knows why the 3 of them wurve ku low yok so much, to me, i'm kinda bored of it ade. But i do admit, it's used to be one of my personal favourites during my childhood time.

Fei chow yue with assam like topping on the top. Tastes quite good, cause it has sourish and spicy hints.

Marmite prawns. The taste is heavenly. Very flavourful, a little sweet and buttery.

Thai style chicken. With the bird flu crisis going on, were still eating like no one's business. Ahahaha, anyway, it had hints of honey and the chickes was really crispy. Very good.

Claypot creamy butter crab. It was fantastic. So fucking good already. The sauce texture was thick, it's flavour intensity was just nice, aroma was good and of course, it brought a sweet buttery taste. Fantastic.

The total bill came up to abt rm145. Quite resonable, considering the dishes we orderes. Prawns, fish and crabs. Anyway, after our meal, we headed on to OU for a late movie. Well on the way there, something awkward happened. Kp was driving on the BU road when he suddenly hit a pothole. On hitting the pothole, 2 out of the 4 car's wheel caps flew off the wheel. Yeah, the front right one and the back right one. These 2 caps flew of with such great impact that it hit the oncoming car on the other lane. It flew straight into the other car, and yes, the car stopped. After realising what had happened, the car continued it's journey, and we had to stop by the road for at 1/2 an hour to hunt down the 2 caps. Thank god we found it back.

Stopping by the roadside to hunt down the 2 pathetic wheel caps.

One of the 2 wheel caps that flew off.

We decided to watch underworld 2 at OU. Booked the 10.10pm show, and yess, before going for the movie, we stopped at the arcade to play a couple round of daytona and later played foosball. Yes, i won all the daytona rounds. Haha

He got last. Ahahaha. Reason: he sed he tried to drift. Omg....of cuz la. Nvr try anything funni when racing.

Waiting to start.

Nice leh my shoes. Took this pic out of boredom.

Oh well, Underworld 2 was quite alright. Although ck and kp said it was quite ordinary, i found it quite interesting. Looks like my movie lust is getting stronger day by day. Must watch V for vendetta and Date movie liao. Beh tahan.

To close this post, i will post up my final 2 pics.

He just can't resist climbing the pole.

And finally, bidding farewell to hun jack, a picture for you. Hahaha.

Anything to say to him b4 he leaves, please leave it in the comments section !

Jack, your will be yourself forever. Jack will always be that damn JACK.

Well, goodbye jack, for now.


Blogger wen said...

i noe why u like underworld...kate beckinsale is hot rite??

eh..go eat at pantai seafood. it's a little cheaper...i think..but owh-kay la the food.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006 4:06:00 PM  

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