Thursday, April 20, 2006

going out like crazy

Since i am such a lazee ass to slowly write an outing post one by one, i will compile all my outings into one single post. So much easier for me, and so much easier for my readers. Here goes, since Rachel and We Rin has been back, i have been going out quite often. Combine this with, Wai Yee, Ken Hui and Su Lynn's A-Levels , 2 weeks holiday, things has just been great. Morover, the fact that i will be getting my Sony Ericsson K750i and I am going for a holiday to Pulau Tioman next month; all these makes me sooo happy! Yay.

As fun and outings may have their way, Rin and Rach is going back tomoro. Boohoo. The a levels holiday is also coming to and end. Double-boo. But what's most important is that we had fun during the holiday period, and now, it's time to blog about it baby. Yeah!

Outing One.
Rinnie's Birthday.

When rachel told me that she had already returned back from aussieland, i thought it was merely a practical joke by her. But when she called me on her Malaysia Mobile, i was like, OHOHO, so you are really back eh? Anyway, she and rin came back almost on the same day, and it was rinnie's birthday. I had work, so i was a little late to join them for dinner at Genki Sushi. A total of about 8 people joined us, as far as i can remember, Rachel, Me, Rin, Kathryn, Wei June, Ee lynn, Bryan Ooi, and Xiang.

As usual, i am going to give a food review. I still lurved the Inari there, it was so juicy and the rice was superbly sweet. At a reasonable price, only RM 2 for a plate, this Inari stand out as my favourite Jap Sushi Dish. Next up is my dear Hama Maki, it;s actually rice and mayo wrapped in a thick salmon fish slice. Simple perfect, but that one comes with a steep price, about 3 pieces for RM 6. That means one little piece for 2 bugs.

Here are the pictures for the day, among them :

Ee Lynn, We Rin and Wei June. Juney just came back from a 3 month national service training.
According to her, it was FUN!

From left: Bryan, Xiang, Ty, Rachel, Rinnie and Kathryn.
Taken against the big genki logo. Cool eh?

After that, played a few round of pool with brian , rach and rin before heading home for sleep. Quite tiring day, considering i had work in the afternoon. Okay, time for the next outing.

Outing Two.
Watchin Ice Age 2.

This time, I was out with xiang, wen jie, ken hui and rachel. I recomended them to taste the food at jack's place before heading to the movie, and hell yeah, i luved the food at jack's place.
The ambient at the restaurant was great, good decor, friendly staff, but unfortunately, prices were steep. What more can we expect from a place like that? Anyway, to start it off, i will show you all pictures of the cozy restaurant.

The nice cool green glass panels make the restaurant look modern.

At the front of the restaurant. It's kinda long, but not very wide.

Salt and pepper bottles, chilly and tomato botteles, orchid flowers, and a leaflet holder.

I just love the green and white tile decoration on the table.

Now, it on the our entrees. But before that, a few pictures of us.

Rachel and Ken Hui. As usual, sporting his flashy smile.

Wen Jie, Ty, and Xiang. As usual, all looking happy.

Now for the food entries. We had a light meal only, for we were quite full at that time.

Wen Jie's Peach Melba or something like that. Looks gorgeous and yummy right?

Doing what she does best!

Seafood salad with tuna fillings, squid rings, crab sticks, fresh prawns, fish fillets , lemon and tomato slices and of course lettuce topped with thousand island dressing. It retails for
RM 19.90++.

Seafood in a basket. Fried squid, fish balls, fried prawn fillings, french fries, topped with a zest of lemon complete with tartar sauce. It also retails for about RM19.90++

After that, we adjorned to GSC to watch Ice Age 2. It was albeit hilarious, fun but the storyline was kinda expected. Typical walt disney kinda movie. Not exciting enuf tho.

Outing Three.
The usual Fab 6 Reunion.

As usual, the six of us, this time excluding mae, since she is away in australia, went out for our usual get2gether routine. It was a dinner cum movie session, with Walk Disney's The Wild on the line. As fate would have it, Callie got a 10 percent voucher from Tempura King, so we tried it out. The food was very reasonable, trust me.

All prices listed were nett, absolutely no tax, and it was like RM 8.90 for a bowl of udon and tempura. The had ice-cream in many range flavours, and their menu was really well illustrated. To top up your set with a drink, all u gotta do is to add 50 cents to your meal, and there you go, a drink to go with it. I took bottomless green tea, for i luv its taste and lightness. Food was mediocre, but considering its budget friendly and wallet friendly price, i was well worth it.

Watched The Wild after that. Giving you peeps a movie review right now. This movie is kinda a replica of Madagascar. Looks like the directors are really stuck with ideas right now. In The Wild, this bunch of town animals got stuck on a search and rescue mission briging them back to The Jungles of Africa. In madagascar, this funny looking zebra is always aiming to go back to the jungles of his orgins. Look at the exact idea similarity. Only thing that madagascar was more entertaining than the wild, and in the wild, some parts are skipped so that the movie does not run too long, and of course, the jokes were kinda lame.

Overall rating for The Wild : 5.9/10

Outing Number 4.
Rach's planning and also C.Sian's Farewell.

It was supposed to be a normal outing, but also turned out to be one of my very last times to meet up with Chong Sian, for he is going to Kedah to do medicine in AIMST. This time, we planned to watch She's The Man. All of us, (Nick loh, Wei Huang, Shiat Nee, Ee Lynn, We Rin, Chong Sian, Wing Chuan, Rachel, Yi Ting, Bryan Ooi and Me) met up at GSC at about 6.30 PM? I was a little late for the show, but what the heck, the show was really good. Since its such a hilarious comedy, i not write a report on it, rather let you all see it for your ownselves. Trust me, it's more fun that way.

After a gut twisting and laugh till you drop dead movie, we adjourned to eat at Vietnam Kitchen after much trouble on deciding which restaurant to eat. The restaurant serves really good Vietnamese Cuisine at a really resonable price. Here we go with the pictures.

First, an overall look at the restaurant.

This is where ure supposed to wash ur hands. How interesting!

Light on top of our round table. Heck, i want one of those for my future house.

Overall look at the restaurant.

Now, on to pictures of people.

Left to Right: Ty, Chong Sian, Ee-lynn and Rachel.

Left to Right: Rachel, Wing Chuan, Byran and Yi Ting.

Wei Huang, Shiat Nee and Rinnie.

Me and my old good fren for 4 years, Chong Sian. Well, it's temporary goodbye for now, just for a small timeframe.

Me and Rinnie. She leaving for UK tomoro. But she will be back in July i think.
Time flies.

Now, its on to the food. The highlight of the day.

I think i am going siow already. Eating utensils also wanna take pic.

Here's some screenshots on their menu.

Whole lot of choices.

Man, i ate number 46, the one with the picture (top right), and it was really GOOD.

The house specials can really blow you away man, Looking at their menu makes me hungry,

All the drinks and desserts.

Now, pictures of our food.
Do not view with an empty stomach. It's suicide.

This is what Rachel ordered. Rice dumplings.

Non spicy fried rice. Wei Huang's entree i think.

Spicy fried rice. Ee-lynn order, if i am not mistaken.

Forgot what its called. According to Chuan, it tastes like sparkling juice.

A young, juicy, firm and fleshy coconut. Hey, don't think dirty man!

Chong Sian's non spicy seafood noodles.

Lastly, my spicy seafood noodles. So juicy, so flavourful. The prawns were fucking fresh, the squid was really munchy, the soup was abit sweet and rich, the vege was perfect and the overall taste was GREAT.

Rating: 8/10

So, that's all for my post. It's shit long i know, but what the heck, just read thru it man. I am quitting my work by the end of this month, pray that my K750i comes as soon as possbile, and hope that my tioman trip which is on the start of next month will be a HUGE BLAST.

For now, goodbye!


Anonymous csian said...

ahahah.. demm cool la weih ur blog.. nice pics.. not really my farewell la.. will come back quite frequently.. lol.. call you guys out to yamcha again la when i;m back... =D

Friday, April 21, 2006 1:55:00 AM  
Blogger tysern said...

haha, thanks man. Hey, when i can drive, i can take a trip up to kedah to visit you man. have holiday in penang, then i can drop by in AIMST. see you in the majlis anugerah cemerlang la

Friday, April 21, 2006 2:44:00 AM  
Blogger MaE : ) said...


i think u get to see shiat nee more than me wei!!

Friday, April 21, 2006 12:06:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

ahahha, she's going form 6 also right?
i saw her as a promoter in jaya jusco once.

hey, she can really sing in karaoke's man.
went with her once.

Friday, April 21, 2006 3:58:00 PM  

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