Saturday, April 08, 2006

ramble and rants?

Since everyone is pushing me to sambung my cerita, so ok lah. I am gonna continue to blog, blog and blog. All day long. Fine, so I will highlight those hot topics which occured last month. Those i can remember lah, and those that i have not posted up.

Anyway, as u all know, long time and faithful readers of my blog should know what day is today. Today, my blog celebrates it's 1st Year Aniversary. Yeap, my blog is already One Year Old.Happy Birthday To

Through this blogging journey, i have indeed came across alot of ups and downs thru my blogging passion. There are times when you just forget u have a blog, and there are times when u can't seem to stop blogging. My blog's interface and address is still virgin, nothing changed since i started this blog. The only things that have changed is my writing style.

When i first started blogging, i prefer writing everything into one paragraph, with minimal or NO full stops in between sentences. As the time seasoned me through to become a more interesting, funny and sometimes crappy blogger, i have changed my writing style to the paragraph form. I find it more easier for readers to navigate throught, my points are well much clear cut and of course, reading is MUCH easier.

I have been attacked by spammers like no one business, and the spammer of the year was this viagra company offering me penis enlargement pills to consume. That definately, takes the cake for the TOP MOST OUTRAGEOUS SPAMMER.

The record post on pictures IN A SINGLE POST is during the nostalgia week which i blogged about, and i uploaded a hell load of pictures into a single post. Yes, it's nostalgic, but hell, it was worth it. i think the post was called nostalgia blues, during last year, october month?

As much as people may see, i do not link anyone since the start. That is because i DO NOT KNOW HOW TO LINK PEOPLE. Sad but true, i am lazy to learn that HTML CODE. Ironic as it may sound, it's true.

One latest edition to my blog is video posting, which i recently added in. Video posting may slow down the loading time of your blog, but we just can't help it if it's some funny shit. And i just started posting comics as alternatives to ramble and ranting.

At the end of the day, the question that lingers in my mind is Why do i wanna blog?

Answer: Simple, because feedbacks from various parties simply rock. To me, that's all about blogging!


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