Monday, April 10, 2006

yes, you are killing me

Just came back from a bowling session with my frens. Ate hokkien fried mee until i was fooking full, and now, back home typing this shit out. As some of u all might know, hosts loads of interesting and fooking funny videos.

Yesterday, while i was randomly browsing thru the vids, 2 malaysian idol clips nearly made me laugh until i poop-ed in my pants. Looking back at the vids just make me miss Malaysian Idol, i hope 8tv's One in a Million is just as good as Malaysian Idol.

These 2 vids can seriously make your day, and when you look back at it, you realize how crazy these ppl are to put up a show like this in front of national television.

The guy in the yellow shorts is blantly crazy, the gurl has a cute voice, while the indian guy needs some serious teaching.

He can seriously KILL. His singing is like sharp daggers shooting out of his mouth.

Have fun ppl. Part 2 of this post coming up later


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