Tuesday, May 16, 2006

all hell has broken lose

Yes, the day has arrived. My orentation for Form 6, is a miserable ONE FUCKING WEEK. And if you though LEE MEI LENG was bad, wait till you see what the Taman Sea teachers have to offer. Each of the teachers gives us a speech on ONE SUBJECT for ONE HOUR. 5 subjects = 5 hours. My ass hurts like hell.

To start of my registration, which was rather shitty, i will give you all a brief intro of to what i was treated like. As you see, ALL DJ Students are not aware that we have to register in school uniform. Yeah, you heard me right, even to register, you have to dress according to the dress code. So, as we did not know, the teacher asked us why we did not put on our uniform. We gave the most reasonable explanation thas is, we were NOT EVEN INFORMED ABOUT IT AT ALL. You know what she did, she showed us the exit. She asked us to leave the school. What a bitch. BITCH BITCH BITCH.

What to do, i had to get my fucking uniform that same day, and visit her the next day to get myself registered. Haih. Really shitty. One day wasted. What's more shitty is that we have to follow school rules like the banning of mineral bottles. Why, that's simply because tmn sea students luv to stuff those bottles into toilet bowls. Just because of a few rotten apples in the basket, everyone has to suffer. Fuck man.

This is the HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY. We have to sit for DIAGNOSTIC TESTS, to gauge our level of smartness. In other words, they are not trusting our SPM results. Our diagnostic tests will be this week, and fookiemau, they will test us on bio, chem, physics and add maths. That means i have to study back my SPM rubbish to answer the god knows how fucking hard subjective questions. Say hi to dy/dx, e=mc^2, fungsi trigo, mol, molar, JMR and jajang once again. Toot!!!!!!!!!

If u think that was horrible, the subjects in form 6 is FUCKING HORRIBLE. The teacher actually kinda discouraged us from taking bio, as she said that if you had problems with bio during form 5, you might as well forget form 6's bio. She said that is is SO HARD UNTIL you will be begging to drop that subject if you do not have the brains. As for the sciences, we could ONLY choose between physics and chem OR bio and chem. No more taking all three, as it will kill you. We have to pair this 2 subjects with Maths T, or Further Maths. Further Maths was too difficult until the school gave up teaching on this. Maths T's exam is 6, SIXXXX FUCKING HOURS, 3 hours for paper one and 3 hours for paper 2. Add Maths is nuthing compared to Maths T or Further Maths.

As some of you might know, i am transfering to Sultan Abdul Samad, as there are more science subjects offered there. They have Further Mathematics, and of course, they are reputable to have better teachers. If i am not wrong, they do allow students to go for all 3 sciences. Oh yeah, i have to go for my MUET (Malaysian University English Test) this week, and subsequestly for other follow up tests. Stressful gila man. When i am in Samad , i will either opt for, 4 subjects or maximum 5 subjects.

My choices for 4 subjects:-
Choice A: Bio, Chem, Maths T and Pengajian Am (it's sth like LAN) .
Choice B : Physics, Chem, Maths T and Pengajian Am.

My choice for 5 subjects (Urghhh)
Choice A: Bio, Chem , Physics, Maths T and Pengajian Am.
Choice B : Chem, Physics, Maths T, Further Maths and Pengajian Am. (double maths subjects that is)

Anyone who'se in GCE A Level's, can you please enlighten me on the subjects offered. Just wanna know whether there's MUET, and whether can you take 4 OR 5 subjects, Plz drop ur comment in the comment box. Thanks ya!

It just the start of a ride, on the express way to hell.


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