Thursday, May 18, 2006

back, and finally writing (part 3) .

Update: Mission Impossible 3 was really a great movie. Although the storyline was not really moving fast at the start, once the action came into kick, everything was up in full swing. A good twist at the ending, kinda expected for movies like that, but the ending was predictable. Stunt were unique, ie. never seen before, not those of copy work, and acting suited the character. Excitement level was sustained through the show, and interest level never dropped. Worth paying the Rm 6 students rate.

Overall rating : Good storyline, great and clean stunts, level of excitment highly sustained.
Overall score : 8.5/10

Enought of giving a short movie review, it's time to launch off from where i last stopped about a week ago. Too refresh your memory, here's abit of recap.

As written on my last post, Berjaya Tioman had a Bar and a Disco. The nightlife tunes up at night, with a liveband singing, and a dancefloor spinning.

The beachbar at night.

This beachbar, i think it's called Sri Lalang Beachbar operates at night with a liveband singing. Kinda those chinese gurl liveband, where their vocals are just over the edge, and just made it for entertainment purposes. Most people just enjoyed the music while sipping of cocktails to cool down and relax after a dinner meal.

This bar was well equipped with all you can find and all you can think of funky cocktail names. Spending 2 days here, i tried a number of cocktails, and of course, as always, the flaming lamborgini, which of course, is one of the top knock out cocktails offered. One round of that will leave a burning flame in your guts, which they say is the reason for drinking this.

Just a brief run through of the cocktails we tried.

With all the bottle hanging upside down, making was simply easy. Simple press in the lever on the bottom, and the liquid shoots out. This was only one side of the bar.

JD (jack daniels) on the rocks.

Irish white coffee (Baileys) on the rocks too.

Sour whisky. First cocktail entry.

Shirley Temple.

Graveyard. Notice the crossed straws. The finisher to all finishers. I had really enough after this.

Last but not least, Singapore Sling. One of the more relaxing cocktails.

This is how they made Chung Kent's flaming lambogini. Intended to be taken in one shot, i had to help him down it as it was too strong for him. He kinda hated the taste. As you can see, u're supposed to insert the straw to the base, instead of holding it on the surface, which is what he did. Results? A burned straw!

This is what i had to down for him, in one shot. It was re-lighted and the best part of the drink was sucking in the flames! Shioook.

Taking photos when we were still sober.

As always, there a weirdo to tune up things in the beachside disco. This man, most probably drunk, went up dancing with his FUCKING PYJAMAS. And he did the lame kinda Mr Bean dance, simply swaying his hands in thin air. Everyone was giving an O-M-G stare at him, while he was dancing crazily away in front of the live band.

There you go. Happy watching the pyjamas man.

At Salang, there was this open air bar also serving drinks. But oh my god, their cocktails have sophisticated names. Unheard ones too. Like this:-

Pay attention to number 3 , 4 and 12. This is what might happen if you order it.

You : Hi, please give me an after sex, dry.

Waiter: What after sex huh?

You: I want an after sex now. I want it now.

Waiter: You think i'm a prositute ah. Wtf?

You: ............

God knows where the name adiosmotherfucker (AMF) came from, so as for between the sheets.

That rather concludes the tax free experience on booze, so now it's on to the food items. Not much pictures, as i did not take alot of pics on food. Just a glance through, seafood there was mediocre, has i think the freshness of the seafood is kinda wasted when you barbeque to whole fish. Nonetheless, here goes.

Pick and choose one, and the they will grill it for you. Served with either a choice of rice grilled potato or french fries.

Grilled squid.

Fire roasted chicken. The other layer was sweet and juice, but the breast meat inside was as usual, a little dry.

Finally, this is the LAST TOPIC on my trip. Finally, it;s ending. It's been quite an effort to write out and preseve the memories on a trip.

6. People and places :- Time for some group photos.

Taken at the jetty. Top row: Tysern, Chung Kent and Kee Peng.
Bottom row : May Yi and Coco.

The guys. From left : Tysern, Kee Peng, Chung Kent, and dear me, i forgot the names of those 2 buddies. Damnit, i'm really getting old.

Different pose, same people.

All seven of us, on the last night, by the jetty.

Waiting for the ferry, all black from sunburn. Look at me, i'm like a chindian.

Eating by the beachside, Kee P and C Kent.

Me and Chung Kent.

Me and Kee Peng.

That sums up my whole Tioman Trip. It has come to the end of this post, and if you have any question on my trip, ie what to do there, pricing and lodging, food or practically anything under the sun about tioman, feel free to ask me, and i will answer it. I won;t mind going there for a 2nd time, and if you all have any intentions to go there for a holiday, do let me know, for there might be a chance i can get discounts if i book it for you all.

I have some photos which i think are really funny, but it might be a little 18sx-rated. Obsecene to some, funky to others. Tell me if u wanna view all those photos, i can post up a few of those crazy shots taken in tioman.

That's really everything. A perfect getaway, but please bring loads of sunblock, as the sun there is really hot and unforgiving. I had bad cases of sunburns, but thank god it is healing right now. Typical me, a picture to end my wonderful trip,

That's me on the right, holding a lifejacket, staring into the dream filled sunset sky. For when night comes, the waves retract, revealing an aura filled with corals , dry sand and wonderful memoirs.

Me, out and finished.


Blogger Nimalan D said...

Omg you'l buy so much cocktails not expensive meh.I thought lambourghini was like 20 bucks

Saturday, May 20, 2006 1:19:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

of cuz it was expensive lah. that lambo was about RM 22.50 . bill came up to around RM 150 for all the drinks loh.
the flaming lambo was a killer lah. worst drink i ever tasted. shit strong.

Saturday, May 20, 2006 4:57:00 PM  
Blogger Nimalan D said...

wth kids :D

Sunday, May 21, 2006 7:12:00 PM  

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