Tuesday, May 09, 2006

coming up

Hey people, my tioman trip was a blast. It will take awhile for me to write up a post about it, cuz it is HELL LONG. I have loads of pics to show u all also.

So for the time being, for a commercial break, and a mini gift for the girls, here something for you to feast your eyes on while you wait for the WHOLE POST.

At Tulai Island.

The beach was simply fantastic man.

Beach in front of my resort, Salang Indah Resort.

Snorkelling area. Even clearer than crystals.

Me, my friend May Yi and er, that's a piece of shit kee peng's eating.
Hahaha, no lah, it's a sea cucumber.

Okay, enuf for the sneek peak. The real deal's coming tomoro. Stay tuned.


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