Saturday, May 13, 2006

time out

Sorry for the lack of updates. Stuck in Ipoh now, coming back tomoro. Blogging from a cybercafe now, which is, er...ain't too good. Their keyboard is disgusting man, never wash wan. After every session, i crave to wash my hands.

So anyway, lets talk about my form 6. Looks like the fun and joy i am going through right now is coming to an end. YES, it's ending. In june, tysern will have to study everyday, have to think like shit and do loads of homework. Not forgetting that i will still have to wear urgh....Uniform, and play by the school rules.

I hope they treat us as 18 year old adults in school yeah. I do not want teachers who bug us like 12 year old kids, and ermm check our bags and books to see that we have brought all the necessary stuff. I wish for a more independant kind of treatment, more like a lecture style class. Imagine the horror if our add maths teacher is one like Cheng Tooi Tian (BBC), and always spying the shit out of our work.

I an not sure whether form 6 kids are allowed to bring handphones to the school. Not to play of course, but to keep touch with the world. Robbing a student off their handphone is like taking off the crutches from a disabled person.

As for work, hehe, i have a motto for form 6 la. I know last minute study STILL works during form 5, but hell, it was really bad. All the times before SPM was pure hell for last minute students, and i do not want to go thru it again during form 6. Cmon man, u can do it. Study consistenly and do not panic when exam arrives.

Oh well, that actually sums up to what am i expecting from form 6. IF i make it thru successfully, i hope to get into any top universities in the world, and then getting through working life. And when we start working...............

..................we have another set of stress to deal with. That's life lah.


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