Friday, May 19, 2006

what's in a name?

Since my 17 years of life, my name has been a challenge both to spell and pronounce. For 17 years, i came across wonderful spellings trying to form my name. Some of my friends still have problem spelling my name.

Among the better and more funnier spellings were Ti Sern, Ty Sern, Tyson, Thai Sen, Tysen, Tisen, and Tai Sern. Hey, i am not kidding man. This happens almost everytime someone tries to spell my name by it's sound. Oh well, i even had Thai Zhan before alright. Written on an invitation card, for me, it read, Mr Thai Zhan. I was like, wtf, how far could they get from Tysern man?

But for all, this spelling really takes the cake. It really does, one of the most unique and cannot be explaing spelling i have ever came across. This is the cherry on top of a wonderful year.

TYNN SERN. to pronounce? Where did the 2 extra N's pop out from? A better variation to my name? Issit really that hard to make out Tysern? Is it?

For now, i am still registered under Yap Tysern. Mayb i will leave Tynn Sern for my sons!


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