Thursday, June 08, 2006

chow the superstar

I was recently blogsurfing and i came across this doggie picture in these bunch of form one kids' blog. I took a good look at the dog photo and, ehhh, why issit so familiar wan? Anyway, they were commenting on how CUTEEEEE and FURRYYYY the dog was and how it looked like a lion, and how they wanted to squeeze and hug the dog.

I knew i have seen the dog somewhere before, and i am quite familiar with it's face. This was the post in their blog.

Hey look at that dog!!! Man, it's CHOW. I looked again and AGAIN. Yes, it is chow. Can it be a chow lookalike? NO WAY. Notice the metal fencing around it. Must be chia wen's property.

Blog nowadays are really wacky man. I wonder how would one feel if you see your picture posted in an unknowed blog and everybody's commenting on how good you look or how leng chai/leng lui you are!

p/s chia: go back and tell chow that she's sexy, beautiful cute and popular on the world wide web.


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