Friday, June 23, 2006

god help streamyx

What the fuck is wrong with streamyx lah. Such big bullshitters about their speed, their customer service suck and they are fuckety shitty lousy crap. Today, my internet was SO SLOW and LAGGY, i got fed up and decided to make a speed test on a website. I have been using this website's speed test device for a long time, and YES it is accurate and reliable.

Getting pissed and angry, i waited longer than eternity for the fucking results. I expected it to be bad, BUT NOT THIS BAD OK.

OH MY GOD? I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. OH MY GOD!! How slow can they get?

Cibai, plz dun lie to the nation lah. PLZ LA. You claim that you offer 1mb/ps (1,000 kb/s) for RM 88, and u DO NOT EVEN GIVE 1/10 of the speed. Fuck u all lah. Innocent peeps like me and you haven been really duped at their stupid service.

Please change for the better of the nation. You are already domination the internet line service, don't take this as an advantage to con people's money !

p/s: answer to the transvesite is coming later. stay tuned


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