Wednesday, June 28, 2006

going over the hedge

Over the hedge was a blast !! Amazinly funny, good graphics, modern idea, not a copy cat of other animations. Two thumbs up for it. If you have not seen it, well, rest assured, there are no spoilers here, and go watch it for yourselves.

Some of my recent outing trip photographs :-

Ahhh, I love this! I spared that btw.

Xiang ball. Was it a strike? Well, it looked like one.

The bunch of us.

14 people in 2 lanes ain't a joking matter. It took ages for ur turn to come !


Yeah, i know, very brief. Not gonna blog long about the outing because the main focus of this post is well the recent wedding dinner which i attended. Location, Ipoh. Food was orgasmic. Fantastically good.

Every dish was crafted to perfection , unlike KL's food standard which always suck. To start it off, here goes.....

Naturally, my parents left late, so we were rushing for time. Speeding and overtaking all the way back to Ipoh.

If i were to show you pictures oh the bride and bridegroom and their aunties and uncles and relatives, chances are you won't even know who is who. Cutting that out, moving on straight to what everyone knows best. Food.

First dish entry : 5 Season Combination.

Lets start off with the salad prawns on the left. The batter was crisp, prawns inside were marinated until perfection, and the cold mayonaise drizzle on top finished it off well.

Clockwise fron the prawn dish, it was baby corn with juicy meat slices. The meat slices were 60% Fat and 40% Meat, so that this will melt nicely in your mouth. Pairing it the baby corn and soft nuts was good. The meat was a little sweet, yet juicy.

I called it stuffed lobak, but there might be other names lah. The stuffing was REALLY FULL, and they were not giam siap with the ingredients. Really crisp, it was aromatic. Dip it into the chilly sauce, and there you have it, one great serving.

The rice might look plain from the outside, but once you scoop it, there was a gold mine of food inside. Scallops, oysters and mussels were stuff into the rice. It was my first time trying out a combination like this, it was quite alright.

Finally the dish in the middle. MY FAVOURITE. It was tung fun (glass noodles) bundle nicely paired with shitake mushrooms and oriental XO sauce. I finished practically almost all the tun fun, mainly becuase i love its texture. There were abalone slices (not the expensive grade, just the ordinary ones), and they were sliced neatly and tucked into the serving. That move brought out the aroma which I loved.

Second entry: Shark's Fin soup with Golden Treasures.

What the meant by Golden Treasures are actually the seafood items present in this soup. As you can see, there were sliced mushrooms, crab meat, and scallops. The shark's fin thread was alright only, not really alot, but u can still feel it.

My way of eating this is with XO, or any spirits, just drizzle abit on top to enhance its flavour and then dump in green chillies. Yeap the sour ones. The combination is really good, as it bring our the taste and potential in this soup.

Third entry : Suckling Pig with Mantao Buns.

Honestly, the picture says it all. The best dish on the menu. One thing that seporates this dish from the rest is the crispyness of its skin. Under its super crispy and aromatic skin, there is a thin layer of fat. Dip this into the sweet black sauce, kiap it with the Mantau Buns, really fantastic. My props to this dish !!

Fourth Entry : Pomfret Steam Fish in Imperial Sauce. (Pak Chong Yi)

If the fish was a little weeny bit more fresher, it would have jumped up alive. Seriously, it is that fresh. The skin was lightly oiled, and it was as smooth as gloss paper. Totally no fishy smell, and the flesh texture was fantastic. Firm and nice.

Sauce was also made to perfection. Most likely a combination of Lea and Perrins Sauce with Soya Sauce, brewed to taste.

Fifth entry : Prawns in Superior Sauce.

The prawns were lightly salted. Freshness was there, but size was mediocre. This dish would have been god-like if the used Udang Galah a.k.a Tiger Prawns. Nevertheless, the marinated it, and because of that, its flesh was tasty. I was busy dipping the flesh into the sauce cause yeah, i love salty stuffs.

Sixth Entry : Mixed vegetable with Tau Foo.

After all those meaty dishes, here something lighter to the heart. It was quite alright, considering it was a full vege dish. Taste was there, the cauliflowers were HUGE and yeah the taufoo slices were thin, slimy and tasty.

Seventh Entry: Steam Glutinous Rice with Pandan.

Looks heavenly ain't it. Unfortunately, when this arrived, most of us were already full and bloated. But hey, there's always tapau. I took one spoonful of this and i was instanly taken aback at it's wonderous aroma. Stuffed inside were lap cheongs, mini scallops and meat. Very very nice and filling.

Last entry : The desserts. (Fried Glutinous Rice Balls and Cold Tong Shui )

Finally, two dishes to cool down the raging tastebuds after all the fantastic food. There was kaya in the balls, which made them a little sweet.

As for the tong sui, it was cold and sweet to. Generally, the ingredients were enough and that brought out the flavour inside it.

Lastly, here's a picture of my family in the wedding.

Hehe, my dad looks young hor. Guess his age. Same goes for my mom. Guess it too. Love them to bits.

That's all folks. Bye.


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Friday, June 30, 2006 1:51:00 AM  
Blogger tysern said...

ahha, cannot wan meh?
i hope next time i will be like my dad la.
no white hair wan. ahhaa

Friday, June 30, 2006 2:02:00 PM  

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