Sunday, June 11, 2006


I read a lame ass joke posted on the internet. Here it goes,

Scenario : A penis, left nut and right nut.

Penis: Hey my left and right nut, fancy a party tonight? Wanna go clubbing?

Left nut and right nut : Eh, duwan la, you always leave us outside the club wan!!

okay, if you guys don't get the joke, you can always ask me personally.


Spend my saturday night at laundry@ the curve watching England vs Paraguay.
I was on the phone when suddenly, OH YEAH, OH YEAH, GOALLLL.
I was like WTF? So fucking fast? 4 mins only.
I saw the replay and how paraguay scored the own goal. It was actually beckham's kick that made it possible, but what to do, life sucks. Poor paraguay guy, only his hair grazed the ball, but what to do, it's considered as he touched it. Life's unfair, what to do? He gets the blame.

Anyway, drinks at Laundry was alright, considering it was happy hour. Rm9.60 ++ for a glass of Tiger is quite reasonable. There are places that go up to RM 13.90++. Overall, service was good, staff was friendly, prices were okay, Definataly a thumbs up for my visit.

When i arrived at laundry, me and my friend spotted 2 nice empty sofas facing the huge tv. Slugging nice and cosy into the seats, one waiter approached us, Mr, sorry to interupt but do u have a reservation? I was like, Then she replied, sorry but all the seats are reserved. ALL THE SEATS MAN. Even the outside. What to do, has to settle for the bar seats, which were rather high, but at least, we could watch football.


Watched cars today and it was so-so only, i only liked the ending parts, The middle was kinda slow and expected but overall, a job well done to the producers. Could have been more comical, especially during the ending. I actually wanted to cry when the lighting guy pushed the blue guy to the finish line. Sorry, i don't remember their names. I can only recognise them by their colour.

Hey, that part was abit sad and touching alright? Okok, call me a sensitive freak but omg, look at his effort. So kinda man? Yeah, anyway i did not manage to cry, thank god and left OU right after the movie. Was very pooped out after the movie, for i slept at 4am the night before.


I have picked up what you call it a weird habit. I kinda got the inspiration from someone, which i think this habit is quite cool. Starting from today, i am keeping movie ticket stubs and i will paste em on my door. I spend half and hour diggin my room for some old ticket stubs and this is what i managed to dig up.

So far, this is what i managed to dig up, i plan to fill the whole door by the end of the year, or as soon as possible. By then, i can calculate how much money i spend on movie tickets at the end of the year.


That's all for now, Next post will be on the party at my house, the outing in OU, and 2 consecutive wedding dinners in Ipoh. All also got pics, so get ready for a picture loaded post next time. Till then, see ya!


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