Sunday, June 18, 2006

making up for lost time

This is a post that SHOULD be done a long time ago, and sadly your's truly i so dam slow at updating current events. The post on the marathon will be the next one, in the meantime, to keep you all entertained, here's a question to fill in the time.

What placing did Tysern manage on the marathon? (Choose a placing between 1-500)

Hint : This question needs no guessing. There is a direct answer.


So anyway, it's about time your fatty eating friend of yours made a food review. So, since it's the right time for one, here goes.

Location : Vivo@the curve
Invited partners: Kh, Wy, Sl and Smellie.

As usual. camwhoring before the food came. Hahaha.

My sweet little angels. Before and after, always looking fantastically fine.

Probably, our eating passion often exceeds our budget allocated on food. Actually, here is a weightage on where my pocket money goes to.

Food : 50%
Drinks : 30%
Movie Tickets : 20%
Petrol subsidy : Free- YESSS, I STILL CAN'T DRIVE. (You know who pays my petrol) jkjk!

Anyway, after waiting for a considerable amout of minutes, about 10, here finally came our entrees. First up, starters.

1. Thick and Creamy Mushroom Soup- tested by tysern.

Have u guys heard instant soup invention called Campbell Soup. Oh well, it tasted excatly like that. Nothing special. Instead of calling it Cream of Mushroom, it should just be called "CAMPBELL MUSHROOM SOUP".

Rating : 4.5/10

2. Chicken and mushroom cheese baked rice- tested by ken hui.

Looks can be deceiving. Looks great doesn't it? Looks juicy doesn't it? Looks seductive doesn't it? Oh well, just by looking at it, you go like AHHHH, YEAHHH, UHHH, YUMMMM, and when you take one bite, you get that "potong stim" feeling.

The rice was TASTELESS, the cheese was shit and it was totally NOTHING special compared to its looks. Kinda like fantasising over a hot girl on their looks, and when you are going to reach orgasm, you find out that the sockets don't match a.k.a aqua. Okay back to the dish, they should have added in more mushroom and seasoning, so that the taste stands out.

Oh btw, the salad was ok. Mayb even better than the dish.

Approx rating : 5/10

3. Chicken and ham cheese baked rice.

Very similiar to ken hui's entry, this was OH WELL and expected let-down after he ate his dish first. It was so predictable, everything was excatly the same as the previous dish, thank god i was hungry, if not i would have showed this shit down the manager's throat. Nah, i don't think i cld do that, for she was far to kind to us, after realizing that was sth wrong with the food.

Anyway, for you people at home, picture this to get NEAREAST to it's taste. Take white rice, stir fry it with ham and chicken, add maggi seasoning and condensed milk, and top it off with cheese. That's how it taste. Mayb, if you follow my recipe, it would be even better.

Rating : 4.9/10

3. Chicken and musroom pizza? Okay, that was made up, i forgot the name- tested by callie.

The food specialist, callie, who always make 100% sure that there are no germs on the cutleries, or even in the air did not say much about this, which is i think so-so only la. By looking at it's physical apperance, It was just like any ordinary tasting pizza. By looking at her facial expression, it also tasted like any ordinary looking pizza.

Cheese ham and pineapples mixed with cheese? I still think pizza hut comes out with the best one. Seriously, request for extra cheese, The hawaii pizza by pizza hut is far most the BEST i have ever tasted.

Approx rating: 5.5/10

4. Carbonara fenne-tested by wai yee.

Probably the worst dish on the menu. After taking a few bites, wai yee was like, eh, why issit so tasteless ah? I replied, cannot be that bad right, look OK from the outside. After testing one bite, oh fuck YES, IT IS THAT BAD.

This dish was so horrible that she hardly ate 50% of it. 3 words to some this dish up, tastless & total bullshit. So much so that the manager actually reliazed that something was wrong, and actually offered a complimantary piece of cake to us. But being the NICE and KIND people we were, we din't want to dissapoint her feelings, so we just said that we din't like mushrooms that were in the dish.

Given those ah-lian/ ah beng breed, they would easily given a reply that goes:

Manager: Is anything wrong with you dish? May i offer you a complimentary cake to cover up for this?

Ah Beng: Your food ah, HOWWW SUCKS AH! REALLI REALLI LAU PEK OK!! Ngo chow lerr auu jorr lorr. (I am going to puka already)

Manager: sorry sorry, can i offer you a complimentary piece of cake.

Ah Beng : AHHH, PIN CHECK CHUI KUAI GEH? LOH LEI LAH (which wan most expensive ah, just bring only)

But being the nice and kind ppl that we were, we just passed her offer of that cake.

5. Lastly, erm fish pasta? Damn, i forgot what it is called, by it was tested by su lynn.

Anyway, this dish was filled with spageti noodles, and probably, the best of the worst. To be frank, su lunn commented little on her dish, which means it was just alright. Oh well, now let's talk about it's value for money.

The question is, would you pay RM9.90 for a dish like this? Actually, if you were to walk into any italian restaurant, 9.90 for a pasta is VERY REASONABLE. Oh well as they say, it's hard to find cheap and good stuff nowadays.

Approx rating: 5.9/10

The overall rating of the food needs no more comments. It was bad. But for the cheap price, what could one expect. I will continue this post later, and yeah, the next part would be on, the best chinese food you can ever taste at a wedding dinner!


Blogger MaE : ) said...

ahahha best post ever!!!!
damn i really miss u guys la :/

should have taken the cake wei!

Sunday, June 18, 2006 6:29:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

haha, we were kinda stuffed already la.
vivo sucks. repeat after me.


Sunday, June 18, 2006 7:00:00 PM  

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