Wednesday, June 28, 2006

party in the house

Well, as promised, here is a recap of my form 6 mates party that i had recently. More pictures, less talking in this post. Hahaha.

To start it all off, we had pizza for dinner. This was actually planned as a mahjong gathering, but it turned out to be a party in the end. Preperation was quite tedious, but thankfully Ai Khim and Xiang came very early to help me out.

 these ice boxes were no joke.

Being a party host, there was dam alot of things to prepare weih. No joke man.

Posing in front of my multipurpose mirror.

Warming up on the PS before the real deal started.

Being a Pimp for a couple of seconds? L-R, top row : Ai khim, Huey Lin and Kha Mun. Bottom row : Xiang.

Pimp number two. Same girls, well this time it's Hock Jeen.

Definately a must at every party.

The girls. Soo Huan, Ling Fern, Kha Mun and Huey Lin.

Xiang and Jian Sheng.

Urghh, the world is becoming gay =p

Next, i here are some and the many games they played during the party. These included mahjong, taboo, DDR, card games, 007-bang-ahh and finally karaoke.

Taboo!! My personal favourite. L-R: Ai Khim, Dheepan, Syanon, Kha Mun, Alan and Xiang.

Mahjong addicts. From left; Zong Liang, Jian Sheng, Ty, Soo Huan, Ling and Wen Tye.

She's massaging all her worries away. Haha.

Kicking off the DDR game.

Hand Hand Revolution? HHR? Hahaha, these jokers.

Sweety gurls dancing away.

The food came. It looked fooking orgasmic, it smelt heavely and it tasted sizzling hot!

Our first group photo.

Malaysia next top model pose?

The copy was taken when everyone came in !!

Woohoo, after that, it was on for a karaoke session. Lasted almost 40 minutes, thank god my neighbours din;t die that night. Altho singing was god awful, everyone was shouting on top of their lungs.

Digging some karaoke cd's for them No choice, all of them had to sing oldies. Most of my cd's are oldies. Haha

From lame to lamer.

From lamer to lamest !!

Everyone, singing.

These guys got high and started to dance.

Next, the whole bunch of us procedeed to play the deadly, scary and get drunk fast 007-bang-ahh game. Guess who KO-ed first? Look on !

Getting ready to kick off.

Haha, kena pun. Downing shots of liquor with soya sauce, and lemon juice.

Steady weih.

Shit man, i had to down one also.

Those @$$holes put red pepper into my cocktail mixture. Ahhhh.

One more baby! This time, the liquor content was more than double.

Going to KO. Going, going, going........

GONE !!! Tidur-lah sayang.

Haha, NAH, u can't leave my house without a drink !!

That's was all about it, after that roughly about 12 AM, everyone was good and zonked out tired from having fun. Great party, i must admit, through the pictures, i think everyone had a blast !!
Looking forward to another one. Hehe!


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