Tuesday, June 27, 2006

seeing that familiar face again

Quote by Mae: Once my plane touches down in KL, i wanna eat Murni and Paris. Oh well, the day finally came and without any hesitation, here we go. It's back to the old basics at SS2 Murni, and it just felt like yesterday that we last visited that place.

Time flies i tell you, about 5 months they we abroad, then jeng jeng jeng, they were back again. So, studying abroad is not that long actually, look at them, they went, and they came back!

On to the pictures to continue my post, here they are.

Murni is always famous for their claypot low see fun, and waiting duration can go up to 40 MINUTES !!!

Dangerously seductive and tasty, all in one small package. Chilly was hotter than Jessica Alba body. Seriously.

Distinctively chia, with her talking pose. Note the mango special in the backgroud. The only words to describe it is "Juices From Heaven". Amazingly satisfying.

Mae and Chia. Not much of a change in them since SPM, but definately both have gone a long way since Secondary School.

Me and Ken Hui. Yeah, i know i need a haircut, besides my hair was messy as i kinda jus woke up only.

After that, the 4 of us adjourned to OU for some rounds of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream and also erm, some window shopping.

Motorola V3 i and Nokia La' Mour handphone models. Both handphones are baby new.

Chia Wen's car bumper sticker. Man, Chia's driving is fast weih.
Driving scenes with chia are as follows:-

Scene 1.

Chia : *while zooming in and out of the traffic rapidly* Aiyahhh, this car's brake not very good la. Cannot stop fast wan.

Ty : Erm, of course la, you drive so fast eh.

Chia : Damn the rain also la, make my brake not very sensitive. Then u see la, my wiper also dirty already, cannot clean the glass properly.

Scene 2.
Chia : *while going up the parking slope at OU* Aiyahhh, shld have went down to the basement la, this car got no power to go uphill wan.

Ty: U sure ur Honda City no power ah? Like that other cars even worst la. Can reverse back the hill.

Chia: Grrrr, i am pressing the pedal dam hard already, still cannot go fast wan.

And finally, chia only drives with one hand ala roti canai style. (Imagine wiping your windows in a circular motion with one hand)

Okay, where was I...oh ya..back to the topic....

If you are focusing on the handphone, well, it has bluetooth, 1.3mp camera, 180 degree swivel cover, super clear LCD, mp3 and video players. Price Tag : > $1500.

If you are focusing on the ice-cream, it's Pralines and Cream, super sweet, instant diabetic, but worth the experience. Price Tag: Rm 4.70 ( Junior Cup)


The following day, yeah, we went out again. Remember the saying, once is never enough. So basically, this time, more people went and we decided to eat at Genki's@ One Utama.

The gurls. L-R: Chian, Callie, Wai Yee and Su Lynn.

On the other side; L-R : Ken Hui, Mae, Ty and Kee Peng.

I want em' all. Spot the Hamamaki on the purple plate, at the right. THAT IS FOOKING ORGASMIC. One bite, and it's probably better than sex. Seriously.

The one and only Fantastic Six. Allianced formed about a year ago, internal affairs in the organisation is top secret. Haha.

The guys.

The girls.

Final group photo, all of us.

Next on the list was sticker photos. All 8 of us, cramped into a stuffy booth, to get our sticker photos taken. Anyway, this is what we did.

We used a camera to take a photo of the screen. Yeah, we know it's dam ciplak, but later on, we exchanged tokens for our real sticker photos. This was jst to warm up our facial muscles.

Okay, i think that's about it. Next post will be on my Class Party at my house, and mayb an outing which i erm, kinda forgot already.

Btw, the transvesite is SPECIMENT 4. Suprised? She was Miss Transvesite 2006 Champion. Wanna know more about her? There will be a write up on this coming up next!


Anonymous mae said...

hehe u have to learn from ee fei, when u promise a post, u must deliver!

come on let's go paris next!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 1:20:00 AM  
Blogger tysern said...

yeah. no problem. but i need some time to write lah, i think the post will be quite long

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 2:06:00 PM  

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