Wednesday, July 19, 2006

like a shark smelling cash

Okay, most of you probably knew this. Correction, practically everyone in Malaysia probably knew about this. Nude squats while in police custody. Yes, very popular, a.k.a ketuk ketampi which u still see standard one kids doing it when they do not bring their books to school. Oh well, at least they do that with the uniform on, not NUDE.

One of the hottest cases that floated up that soup pot was a policeman recording a video clip of an inmate in the lockup doing it. His action of him recording it costed his loads of trouble. He got fired, the goverment got ugly comments, and practically the whole police force was condemened for his STUPID action.

Many of these spotlight problems have dimmed with time, and yes, now it's time for one last hurdle. We all knew it was coming. Everyone saw it coming. It time for the victim to hit back.
She's hitting back, and she wants it NOW.

A hefty amount she demanded for, which comes up to RM 10 million, inclusive of emotional damages, privacy damages and personal loss. 10 million, she states clearly in black and white. I want the compensation, she says.

10 million DEFINATELY SMELLS GOOD. Heck, even her cucu cicit and her cucu cicit's grandsons generation can savour the god-load amount. While some people work their life away, materialistically trying to acquire cash to surpass the one million amout, she's demanding and amount many would dream of, and never even thought possible to acquire through mere nude ear squats.

"Gimme gimme my money money money, " she says. ( $ . $ )

So now, one burning question remains, are her ear squats really worth TEN MILLION RINGGIT. It the 70 second footage worth 10 million ? IS IT?

Don't play play weih. Snapshots of a $$$ ten million dollar $$$ production man.

Her claim to the amount.

1. I want to forget the whole episode, I am embarrassed by the video. Please give me my life back.
2. People would stare at me with dirty looks.
3. I am scared and ashamed to leave my house.
4. I just don't know where to put my face when i meet people.

These were many of the claims she made, leading to her ten million reward. Is it rational, what do you guys think? Is it worth ten million dollar, less than it, or even MOREE? Anyway, this is my opinion to her amount.

opinion to her amount.

1. Ten million dollars, hello? That's alot of money man, yes, you can sue for money, but please keep it in a reasonable figure, say less than Rm 5 Million. Heck, even if people saw your at the Pasar Tani, chances are they would not recognise you. Your identity was kept top secret by the police force. But since you choose to go public, now, even your neighbours will go like, YA ALAMAK, RUPA-RUPANYA MAKCIK YANG TINGGAL BERSEBELAHAN DENGAN KITA MERUPAKAN ORANG YANG MEMBUAT KETUK KETAMPI SPECIAL TANPA BAJU DI LOKAP

3. There is, yes, a chance for you to seek compensation. But i predict that amount will be brought down after negotiations to a much smaller amount, say only 30-40% of her original amount. Even if she gets that, it still a whole load of money. Hey, the goverment don't print money ok. They already kena teruk from this issue, and u wanna ketuk then lagi. Haih.

4. 10 Million she says. This is how i think her mathematics worked. *we all know she did about 7-8 times of squatting right*

One squat = Rm 1,000,000. (she claims)

Eight Squats = Rm 1,000,000 x 8 = Rm 8,000,000.
Emotional Damages = Rm 250,000.
Damage to her self confidence and esteem = Rm 250,000.
Destryoment fees to her future = Rm 125,000

Yeah, that's it, so let's total up.
Rm 8,000,000
Rm 250,000
Rm 250,000
Rm 125,000 +
Rm 8,625,000

Yeah, so, it 8.6 million. But wait, this is Malaysia right, so there will be goverment tax and service charge.

10% service charge, 10/100 X Rm 8,625,000 = RM 862, 500
5% goverment tax, 5/100 X Rm 8,625,000 = RM 512,500.


Rm 8,625,000
Rm 862,500
Rm 512,500 +
Rm 10,000,000

Here's how she calculated out her figure !

So people, watcha think, is this figure too much, or ngam ngam on the dot?
Stay tuned !

p/s : figures, statictics and comments are for entertainment purposes only. the author will NOT take responsibility for and damages, either in cash or otherwise towards any party who reads this. by reading this post, you agree to the stated terms and conditions.


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