Friday, July 28, 2006

my desire has taken control

Finally, tysern's updating again. Yeah, woohoo. So, do you punks wanna know what's going on in my form six studies? Here a brief update note.

Subjects are alright, altho i just had my first term test, which definately was a disaster for all my sciences. The only manageble subject was general paper. Maths killed me, couldn't answer most of the questions, and i think, yes, I will repeat my horrible add m3 performance in F4. Chem and physics on the other hand was bad, but not as bad compared to math. When the results are out, will keep you all updated on how I fared.

As for the people in my class, yes, there are mainly 2 kinds of species. One will be the funky, talkative and happy-go-lucky type which i prefer to mix with. On the other hand, there are some quiet and fragile kind which i am yet to really socialize with them as some people might be hell sensitive to what i say. So, gonna choose the right words when i wanna joke with them. Hmm, there a nipples-pincher in my class, who LOVES to pinch guys nips. And trust me, it's painful. Very painful. Red marks on my chest almost permanant as to his consecutive pinching. But nevertheless, he's a funky cute guy with humour. Next up, shall we say we have erm, this nice boy and nice gurl, who always clings to each other. Haha, both have fabolous attitutes, and they can divide their time well between their studies and erm, socializing world, which includes ko-ko activities and a whole lot bunch. No doubt both of them are smart, and yes, they are very nice to talk to. Always current on events, and hmm..yeah, our English Teacher's favourite students. P/s :- Yeah, she might be having PMS, but that's the way she is. Hahah

Then sitting on my left and right, my 2 schoolmates since form one. They are, u describe it, erm irritating yet funny and entertaining. They love to come out with the lamest attitudes just to merely get my hyped up for the fun of it. Take for example, exhibit A pours acid into my titration sample, so that i would have to repeat the whole experiment again. This leaves me to use the pipette to jab him in the ribs anytime he repeats his shet. Haha

Sitting in front of me are 2 lovely next door girls, who still are yet to break out from a world of their own. Tho they can talk and joke, day by day i can see that they are becoming more used to the lifestyle and happening attitude of some of my classmates. Slowly but surely, they're changing to a more active and talkative lifestyle.

Actually, there's a whole load more of other nice people in my class. This is just a very brief window that i am going thru.A lot, but yeah, can't write them all down as it will hog up this whole post. I am enjoying myself in my class, and yes, i have no regrets joining form 6 !! Hope this happening attitude improves !


On a more recent note, Soo Huan has left for AIMST (medicine university) in Kedah. Typical tysern, we went for a sumtions dinner before bidding her farewell. We decided on chinese food, so we adjourned to Dragon I for dimsum.

Soo Huan, one of my most chilling, relaxed and "I-Know-No-Fear" friend.

Typical males, we had to foot the bill at the end. Gahhh...

Huan and Wei Chern.

Fried carrot cake. Lo bak ko. Nice weih.

Xiu Long Bau. The skin was paper thin soft, so much so when you lift it up, u can see the soup sagging downwards. Inside, there were generous portions of minced pork with spices.

Glutinous rice ball. I love this dessert. The picture says it all. The filling was sweet and crisp, the skin was soft and thin.

That about all for the dinner, now on to another things.

Loreal was having a warehouse sale, and my mum being a shopaholic, grabbed a set of skincare items for me, without even letting me know! Haha, but yeah, i had a set of skincare to try out.

She got me the whole set, ranging from step one to step four.

firstly, on the leftmost is the deep action cleaser. step 2, toning using the pure zone toner and step 3 would be the moisturizer. according to what it says, the combination will do wonders in 28 days. 28 DAYS WEIH so lets see if anything happens after that period. Haha

Damn, i know i have more cosmetic items than an average girl has. I can show you my collection if i want. But what to do, beauty has to be maintained. Nevertheless, i have never bought any cosmetics for myself. All these items have been donated generously by my aunts and my mum.

Till then , out !


Blogger MaE : ) said...

hahaha nice post! how was ur essay?

u are a bad influence to ur classmates lah tysern!!!

btw, i am coming to steal ur loreal products! wakakakaa!
the blue color scrub thingy is very damn refreshing. use moisturiser though, a bit drying wan.


Saturday, July 29, 2006 1:32:00 AM  
Blogger .:pàt®!¢k:. said...

hey,,pergi makan tak ajak la ni... blah! Anyway....results will tell man! And let's go Swensons this tuesday! Cofirmed going since exam's over! Wohooo~ Bring your cam! We camwhore again!

Saturday, July 29, 2006 8:56:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

mae : Yes, the scrub is super shiok man. i think they put menthol into it, that's why once you rub on ur face, it's like splashing ice water onto ur face.

lol, my mum whipped them off a warehouse sale woh. very cheap apprantly.

pat: haha, just an ordinary dinner with a couple of my other friends mah. wait till you see the earthquake. orgasmic man. they put dry ice in the middle, and it looks like a volcano erupting. Yalah, i know you all are chuckling madly away, cuz u all got a free ice cream treat
( ! . ! ) =p

Sunday, July 30, 2006 12:02:00 AM  
Anonymous quin said...

"Next up, shall we say we have erm, this nice boy and nice gurl, who always clings to each other..."

"...our English Teacher's favourite students"

...lawak la tysern..lawak. :p

Sunday, July 30, 2006 1:50:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

haha, wanna hide otehr ppl's identity mah. not nice to reveal so much also.
yeah lawak lah i know, thanks. LOL

Sunday, July 30, 2006 2:39:00 PM  

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