Thursday, July 06, 2006

old slow mr ty

Yaaaa, u know what, finally this old asshole is blogging man. What to do, when your term starts, your holidays become desires and weekdays seem to go on forever. The last i stopped was at erm, my steamboat party, so here goes.

Total amount of guests, 13 people. Let the pictures speak for themselves. Here we go.

Cute?! Wait till you see the video at the end. Haha, cha tou like mad.

Mae : Masuk ini tomyam paste kasi sup PANAS PANAS GILA.
My Dad : Wah, SEI LORR. SO MUCH AH???!!! (! . !)

Amazingly, everyone's laughing in this picture.

I don't care. Next time i throw a party, i'm gonna charge one buck per ride. ($ . $)

Chia and Chian.

Chia knitted the 2 neck warmers for them. Haha, the many wonders of women. Hehe

When the table's set, we rocked the food.

The bunch of us, taboo-ing.

Now, this video explains the stone-ness of ee fei and chia wen. Plz make reference to the first picture !

Haha, get the drift now?

Finally, the grand finale.

Top Row (L-R) Chia Wen, Sue-Mae, Callie, Wai Yee, Su Lynn and Ken Hui.
Sitting on the Sofa (L-R): Xiang, Kee Peng, Yi Chian and Soo Huan.
On the floor (L-R) : Wen Jie, Ee Fei and Tysern.

Okay, that's about it. more to come in my upcoming post.


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