Friday, August 04, 2006

let me teach you how to park

After what seemed like a funky maths lesson, with loads of feedback, tysern is presenting yet again another episode of his hard-shits-made-easy parking lessons.

Do you all experience pain and suffering when you all park at tight spots, or to those that don't drive a car with power steering, do u turn the steering so hard until ur shit comes out? Now, with this lessons, say bye bye to all you problems. Here, summarized in 3 easy steps, you can park you car fast and easily.

STEP ONE: Reverse you car 45 degress into the parking lot, until you car boot/rear is very close to the car behind.

STEP TWO: Whip your steering to the extreme right( if you want the car to slant right) or to the extreme left (if you want your car to slant left). Do not hit the gas when you are turning the steering.

STEP THREE: SLAM AS HARD AS POSSIBLE ON YOUR GAS PEDAL. Naturally, your car will curve in nicely, and stop slamming the gas once your car is inline with the parking box. There you have it, done and parked nicely.

Here's an e-learning video to help you peeps understand my steps.

Cool Parking - video powered by Metacafe

Easy ain't it? C'mon, go try it out.


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