Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Saw this on quin's blog. Ok, you people are so fucking lucky. Believe it or not, I do not know what the hell is a tag, until my friend tells me, eh, i tagged you. u neva do ah? So ok, writings like this do not come aplently, and god must be crazy to give me the urge to write this out.

Anyway, its my first time and...ermm...here goes...

1) Four things not many know

-The first milk flow from women's breasts after giving birth is a yellow like liquid, which is VERY GOOD for the baby. (I've tried drinking it when my bro was born, HAHAHAHA...just kidding la, I am not dat sick to suck on my mum's titties)

-While many might be raving on how cool and delicious Korean BBQ's are, i hate eating korean food. Especially kimchi. To me, it's like fermanted shit rolls spiced up with hot sauce.

-I am STILL underage for driving classes; while alot of ppl ask me, you drive to school wan eh?
(Dun laugh ppl, XD)

-Newborn babies are not able to see clearly, not until 2 weeks later when they learn how to focus on subjects.

2) Four movies I could watch over and over.
- White Chicks.
-Sorority Boys.
-School of Rock.
-Austin Power, all the 3 series!!

3) Four places I have lived.
-SS2, opposite PJ songbird and the erm, proton showroom.
-SS7, near Kelana Seafood Centre.
Dats for the places i have lived. No more.

4)Four TV shows I love to watch.
- Fear Factor
- Amazing Guiness World Records
- Wimbledon Lawn Tennis (sadly, it happens only once a year)
-Hardo Gay, Jap comedian. (Haha, i don't care, it still counts as a TV programme)

5) Four places I have been on vacation.
- China (alot of times)
-Hong Kong

6) 4 of my fav. food
-Sushi (Hamamaki, to be exact)
-Fine Chinese Cuisine

7) Four places i would rather be.
- Ari Atoll, Maldives.
-Tioman Island, Malaysia
-Bangkok, Thailand.
-Kuta, Bali; Indonesia.

8) Four fav songs.
- Wannabe, Spice Girls. (Damn old, but what the heck)
-Traffic, Dj Tiesto.
-Woman in love, Barbara Streisand. (Call me a old weirdo, haha)
-A little less conversation, Elvis Presly ( So what, i like oldies)

9)Four people i tag.
- Mae
- e-Fei
- all left handed ppl reading this


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