Monday, August 14, 2006


This is the very popular version of the I Love New York T Shirt, often brought back as souveniers. Almost every Tom, Dick and Harry has definately seen it before.

Yeap, nothing's wrong with the design. It looks alright, and definately regarded as a piece of "normal clothing".

Malaysian being malaysians, in no time, we came out with pirates versions of it, Say 2 pieces for 10 bugs, hanging all round in Petaling Street. With one purpose, so you can tell your frens that you brought it back from New York, while you have never been to New York, or worst, you do not even know where the hell New York is.

And of all the pirated designs, this one really takes the cake. Really !!

I think only ex dj-students will get the joke.

I saw my ex-schoolmate wearing it out, and my first reaction was WHAT THE FUCK WEIH??

It is so dam wannabe, copycat and definately a piece of garment seeking attention. C'mon la, come out with something more original, you people.

p/s: btw, the t shirt with the "shyt happens" on the frontage was a better work. at least, something that is DJ.


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